Bad Habbits

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                                                      Haseeb ur Rehman
There are so much bad habits in our society. We describe some one bad habit which normally used.

People smoke mostly in the form of cigarette. Some people use even cigar, pipes etc.These all contain dried leaves of tobacco plant. Smoking affects are not only the person who use it directly, but also the people around that person. There are many dangerous disease in cause for smoking. Smoking causes many harmful diseases like cancer, high blood pressure, can lead to birth effect and heart attacks.


Some people like this just for fashion. A person smoking start with friends and colleges just for fun but slowly slowly it was a habit on this person and one time they reach on at stage where they can not resist becomes from smoking. This person keep smoking even for a few hours and this habit leads goes to death.Tobaco is a agricultural product that grown in farms. Farmers get better income growing the tobacco by agricultural field. Its also used in medicines but it is harmful for smoking. Smoking around children and babies are another bad habit.

Peoples who smoking front from children, it was a bad impression from children. because children was not meature in theirife he seeing their elders to smoke cigarette he wants to among smoke cigrate.from start they enjoys from smoking just for fun but slowly it was a bad habit in their life and they can not resist become smoking. At one moment in their life if they can not reach cerate it should die.They can not alone with out citrates in their life. After smoking a very bad smell on his person mouth, face and clothing and no person is sitting on that person and no one is like on that person. We are all suffering from bad habits. Whether it is smoking, negative thinking, nail biting, spending lots of money etc.


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