Bad Influence of Cartoons on Children

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Cartoons not just entertainment, these were now seen as educational tools. Though cartoon is now an aspect of educational tools, cartoon stories should come under some restriction. For instance-Spiderman that is very famous cartoon to our children. But this animated referring to Die, Death, Kill or other terms with a powerful adverse significance, which is very bad for our children. They are children are little they do not comprehend the actual things. For this reason they want to try those activities in their real life is very risky.


Nowadays, cable Television is very popular. Every single family have cable channel. There are plenty of cartoons based channels including CN (Cartoon Network), Nick channel etc. Our children generally watch those channels all the time due to the fact they get comedy or funny things over there. Here one thing is essential most of the viewers of television cartoon are children, whose growth is increasing day by day if those children viewing this kind of actions of the activities of the cartoon then their future life will be harmful. Because they are children they don't know what is right & what is wrong, what is actual, what is a fantasy. They just observe the cartoon and want to implement those actions in the real life.


Here's another factor is essential that when they watch cartoon their mother and father aren't all enough time with them but who could tell them it is not real. For this reason when they watch aggressive moments in the cartoon they just think it can be occur in the real life, that is really bad.

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