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You ever thought of what it feels like to be a mom when you are/were single? I mean I never really thought it'd be tough being a mother, I just don't want to be one yet and now I realize hell, it's one "job" you're never really gonna be able to get out of.


♥ ♥      What is it like being a mom?     ♥ ♥


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Well hey I never thought I'd be thinking about this but watching a movie about it made me realize how it can be rough on us ladies. I mean, waking up early, feeding your kids, helping them study, making sure they are okay all the time, taking care of them, doing the laundry or cooking for them AND working. Hey no wonder my mom got maids to help out at home. No wonder people hire nannies. 

God do we even realize how hard it is, especially if you've been raised single-handedly by your mom while she tried her best at her job and all that sh*t when she should be treated like a princess too every once in a while? She NEVER gets a day off from taking care of you and your siblings, especially while you're growing up! Imagine a round-the-clock demanding job, on top of your actual job! Good God. I know I wouldn't be able to stand that, but somehow our moms managed. MY MOM managed but I'm sure she felt like a total failure. Maybe some moms can't be perfect but at least most try their best.


♦ ♦      Why I Never Realized Moms Are Awesome Until Now      ♦ ♦

Self-absorption is a terrible thing. Well, I know that for several years I've been reading and hearing all that stuff about how moms don't get a day off, like being a mom is a round-the-clock thing forever etc etc but I never really bothered about it until now. Why? For one, my Facebook (FB) newsfeed is filled with babies and kids.


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God, most of my college friends have kids already, even my cousins were having babies one after the other last year! No I am not envious, but sometimes I hate seeing my FB feed because I am sick of seeing stuff like that. That's why I come here in Bitlanders too. Oh but there are the occasional cute little babies in the FB timeline that you'd like to squeeze, cuddle and hug and such. Awwww.

Anyway, good thing I watch movies aside from living in real life. When we try to escape our busy lives, we watch movies, TV shows and all that to relax and get entertained. And if a movie is entertaining and also makes us realize how life is not perfect and how other people are not all well put together as we thought and it also makes us laugh, then it's a really great movie.



★ ★       Why Bad Moms is a 5 Star Movie      ★ ★


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Well okay, I can see why some people would think Bad Moms is a terrible movie. Currently it has a Rotten Tomatoes rating of 59% and MetaCritic has it at 60%. That's really low but I'm sorry I totally enjoyed it. I feel like I'd be such a mom too. Not that I'm planning on being a terrible mom but I think I'd really have it hard getting it all together when I have kids, IF I decide to have kids.

Even thinking about it and then watching the first few minutes of the movie and I was like "Omg, nooo way." I currently feel all stressed out and disorganized with my life right now when I don't even have kids, what more when I become a mom? I'm super single and I'm thinking such thoughts. Damn.

First of all, the cast and the acting is perfect. Mila Kunis, Kristen Bell and Kathryn Hahn nailed it. And there's all kinds of moms in this movie that it's like Mean Girls all over again. Second, this movie is NOT about being an irresponsible mom, in fact, it makes you kind of pity the mothers out there and make you wanna be a decent person and raise good and responsible kids too as much as you can.



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Okay there's the booze party and the single feels scenes for moms but hey cut them some slack! It's not like it happens a lot in real life. At least you will understand why there are moms who still party out and drink a lot when they already have kids. Quit judging moms for once.

Next, not everything in the trailer scenes are in the movie so that's totally refreshing. Watch this trailer then watch the movie and you'll see what I mean. This trailer is fun on it's own, much like the movie. I remember seeing the trailer of this movie last year but I never really bothered with it. I don't know it didn't really strike me as something I'd like to watch even if Mila Kunis is in it. 



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Somehow I just decided that today I'd watch it because I saw it featured on a movie site. Like just the movie poster. I am just chilling out this weekend and thought I'd watch some movies. Turns out to be a perfect movie to make me appreciate my mom more.



♥ ♥      Recommendations     ♥ ♥

Well hey I don't really have anything else to say but it's the best movie for those of us who've forgotten how great our moms are. It's best for people who have looked down on their moms the past few years or have had arguments and such and maybe hate them too but see this is where you find out what being a mom is like when you don't even have a kid. 


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Kudos to the writers of The Hangover for making such a great movie!

It's not even Mother's Day yet but I sent my mom a text saying I appreciate how she is as a mom because it's really hard to raise kids of any kind. I know this now, I finally get it. I may not be in good terms with her for the past few years but at least I know how it must have been  hard on her to raise us on her own. Oh god, that's why she has pity parties sometimes. Damn.

So there you have it. Help yourself to this movie if you haven't seen it yet. I haven't seen a lot of mom-themed movies but this one is the best yet for me. It deserves a solid 5 stars on my list. 

And because I'm such a good person, I'll let you watch this Jolibee Valentine's commercial to appreciate your mom too. Make sure you got some tissue handy if you haven't seen it yet. I'm not kidding. Haha~


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Enjoy watching the movie!






 ♦ ♦      P. S.      ♦ ♦

The good news is, this year, there's gonna be a Bad Moms 2 movie! Hurray!

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I'm not a mom but I'm gonna watch it to see what happens next. Hopefully it's gonna be good, even if sequels are usually bad. The third movie should be better, as it usually happens, but I'm still psyched for November or December! Yey!

There's also a talk of it having more than 3 movies but that's too much right now. Let's just wait for the next movie. :D



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