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Giving zakat is obligatory on every Muslim who is rich and possesses a certain amount of gold and wealth so as to give it to those who cannot earn their living because of some physical incapacity. Many people who feel that they can easily get money from the pockets of the rich adopt beggary as a profession.

All short of beggars, young and old, able and disable man and women are found everywhere in the country. They tell their heart melting stories to the charitable people who generally think that they have served God and humanity without knowing that in reality, they have been cheated.

Like all trades, this too, has got its secrets. These beggars are great masters of disguise and acting. Young and able bodied person can easily disguise themselves as old and decrepit beggars. They can change their voice and dress as and when they like. They shake their heads and lips and pose to be deaf and dumb.

The problem of beggars should be solved intelligently. No doubt, the duty devolves on the government. It should establish poor houses for the destitute. Young and healthy beggars, who are disabled, should be provided with facilitates for learning some art or trade. Able bodied beggars should be imprisoned so as to learn a lesson not to indulge in begging in future.

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