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There is no denying the fact that poverty is curse. It saps all the energies physical and moral of man. It degenerates men and makes them do what no man having self-respect, dignity and conscience would like to do at any cost. There are some people who fight very heroically against the curse of poverty but at the same time, there are grew who resort to mean methods of earning their living.

They become beggars and they enter into the ignoble field of beggary and adopt it as a profession. It deprives them of honor and dignity and deadens their conscience. Pakistan abounds with beggars. In almost all the cities big and small, these are found in abundance. Wherever you be, they follow you everywhere.

They are in the streets; they are in the bazaars; they are in the offices and they are at your doors. They adopt different methods to extract money out of the pockets of the people. They know how to insinuate into the hearts of the people and make it give way to their artful pleading and appearance.

All the Muslim of Pakistan believes that giving charity to the needy and the destitute is a religious duty of every Muslim. The beggars in Pakistan make a lot of theft and involved in terror. Mostly child beggars are very active in taking theft in Pakistan and in all over the country.

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