Balance in lifestyles of Tech Addicted Children

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As technology has revolutionized twenty first century, we are able to declare that we're witnessing the most advance type of digital world. The idea of smart city has began a new age where nearly every thing could be managed by a single gadget. No doubt, technology is affecting us in pluralistic ways however an important affect it has is on the new era and it has a completely different story. Despite the numerous wonders of technology, there's a dire want to know the pendulum between negative and positive sides of it. There's huge debate among the many specialists concerning the effects of technology on child’s development and growth.

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Smartphone Addiction Among Children

Impact of smart gadgets in children life: 

      Many researches also have been carried out through the years that show dangerous results of smartphones on children. While there are lots of parents who give smartphones or tablets to their children as early as at age two. Most of the parents now have cell gadgets so it's inevitable for youths to not get attracted to those gadgets. Conversion from a function phone to a smartphone has additionally added fuel to tech addiction in children. Smart phones are like mini computer systems with so many functionalities that children simply get lost in them. There are numerous video games and functions accessible in app shops for youths of all ages and busy the children for good two to three hours.

This video explain different opinions regarding usage of smartphones & tablets

Kids playing video games

Over the previous decades cellphones have become necessity for each grownup child, it has become the ultimate communication and comfort device. It appears impossible to remain with out it even for few hours. However the point of concern today shouldn't be the significance of cellphones in adults’ life but it’s standing in children’ lives as lot of hype is being created about evils of technology and how digital gadgets endanger bad habits amongst kids.

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Parents negligence cause children addiction to tech:

       Smartphones are undoubtedly mesmerizing piece of technology that we've got right this moment. Despite some parents complaining about its draw back, smartphones certainly are an excellent device for learning. Some parents use smartphones as a means out from parenting and use them to place their children to sleep whereas others use them to relax their children. Parents expose their kids to technology at very younger age however when children get hooked to it, they complain about it. I feel it's a parental negligence rather than the smartphones draw back.

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Now a days the greatest concern of parents at this time is that children get so caught up of their video games and texts that they lose themselves in virtual world and fail to learn social skills and imagination. Along with that low grades and anxiety in children can be related to increased cellphone usage. All of those downsides could be easily handled if parents pay a bit more attention to their children than they're already giving. it become necessary that parents should know what their kids are doing with their smartphones. There are so many apps which could be out there which will be utilized to look at their kids’ actions, organize timelines, and block inappropriate supplies.

How Parents can make smartphone as useful gadget for their children: 

     They may additionally set time limit for his or her kid to make use of telephones every day. Talking to children in regards to the points and issues referring to net safety and security is a helpful issue to do. As an alternative of shying away dad and mom both should to openly discuss do’s and do not’s of internet world. Because of benefits of smartphones are far higher than the simply manageable drawbacks.

Technology is a outstanding affect on our lives at this time and kids can't be avoided it both. With cellphones, youngsters really feel safer and oldsters may also simply come up with them. Particularly in instances like these when kidnapping and different crimes are on peak, you can't think about to let your children out of the home on their very own with out keeping some type of connection.

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Forbidding kids to make use of technology additionally hamper their talents to have interaction with trendy world and be taught new developments. Technology provides many instructional advantages for kids, with technology they've higher alternatives to study. It allow children to do complicated problem solving at early age and makes them be taught issues sooner and better. Huge variety of useful functions can be found on app markets which could be simply accessed. Different countries' Telecommunication Authority have also launched first and one of its type m-schooling portal which is comprehensive repository of m-education purposes moreover m-Health, m-Agriculture, m-Cities and different such initiative.

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Learning apps for kids


Technology addiction solution; Balance between digital and cultural life:  

Folks blame technology for numerous ills in society similar to weight problems, insomnia, violence, aggression in reality that isn't the case.

There isn't any proof that helps this argument that removing technology from their lives, kids will probably be fitter and psychological health issues similar to aggression and depression will diminish. However in a tech-based mostly world it is very important keep a healthy balance between technology and actual life. Kids’s love for technology has mirrored the devotion that many adults have for their gadgets important keep a healthy balance between technology and actual life. To take care of an ideal balance in kids’s life it will be significant for parents to model a managed habits for his or her children, encourage constructive interaction and provide alternative for tech-based experiences, in order that kids might be taught and develop in a healthy and constructive atmosphere.

The social side can also help them to be socialized, build confidence and improve their interpersonal skills. The basic idea behind this article is to highlight the fact that there is a need to take benefit from technology in a balanced way while avoiding the many traps and side effects it brings. Hence, bridging the gap between digital and traditional culture must be our main focus as it is said and quoted here:

“One machine can do the work of fifty ordinary men. No machine can do the work of one extraordinary man”.               

                                                                                                                                                                              By: Elbert Hubbard




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