Bananas Plants Features

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Although bananas grow like trees they're really plants. square measure|they're} created of stalks that are coated with overlapping leaves. A stalk or stem will be concerning thirty cm thick. A banana plant will mature to six meters tall. it's up to twenty long and wide leaves.
Bananas hold on clusters, conjointly known as hands, from the plant. every cluster will carry concerning ten to twenty bananas.
Bananas would like smart, well-drained soils, similarly as a heat tropical climate with enough precipitation to grow. they're typically cultivated on plantations, typically with many staff World Health Organization cultivate and harvest bananas for the planet market. These massive farms sell their product to massive corporations like, Chiquita and Dole.
The first banana fruits will grow a couple of year when planting. Bananas square measure vulnerable by temperatures below zero and robust winds. Diseases, just like the Panama malady, associate infection of the soil, will fully destroy banana crops.


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