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Bloomberg TV's Question : "Are you a Bitcoin believer?"

Vikram Pandit's Answer: "I am a believer in the fact that whether it is the virtual currency or the services that are around, the virtual currencies actually do have the promise of changing the world."

At the present time, Mr. Pandit is the Chairman of TGG Group. Below are a few very interesting words about their work:

"We unpack the knowledge hidden in “big data” by separating causation from correlation, which allows our clients to use that knowledge to increase productivity, reduce costs and drive growth. We also are experts in the design of “choice architectures” and tools that improve and simplify business processes and reduce noise in decision-making. We also regularly and successfully identify—and help our clients combat—cognitive biases that afflict many business decisions and reduce performance and profitability."


TGG Group's heart is also on Social Good, that they call the Greatest Good. Here is how they describe their services and mission: "The Greatest Good, a specialized practice area of TGG Group, helps philanthropies, governments and other not-for-profit organizations increase their social impact. We use the skills and people of TGG to address the unique problems of these organizations using a variety of suitable fee arrangements."


Watch this video to grasp Mr. Pandit's passion for Digital Currencies like Bitcoin:


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