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The institution of banking is an integral part of any modern economic system. The principle of banking is concentration and channelization of resources for the purpose of fulfilling the economic needs of nation and its members. People deposit their surplus money in banks. While they get profit on it, the deposited money can be utilized to various ends. The construction of numerous huge building and projects and the execution of many developmental plans would be simply impossible without banking.

When we talk of providing banking facilities to students, we lay stress on the same subject from a different point of view. Popularization of banking habit among students would be immensely useful. First, it would make thinking frugal. It has been noted that students usually squander their money because of their natural carelessness. If they are made to understand that they could make better use of their pocket money by depositing some part of it in a bank, they can help in the development of the country.

Their money will not be lying idle n banks on the contrary, it will be spent on various economic plans and projects. In other words, the funds at the disposal of the nation will increase.

 If our resources go on increasing, our reliance on foreign aid will naturally be lessened, though not to a very great extent. At present, we are heavily burdened with big foreign loans. Real economic progress is made only with the exploitations of the countries on resources. Students, if they take banking seriously, can provide the country with a considerable amount of money for investment.

In general, the banking habits of students will tend on strengthens our economy and promote the welfare of our society

It might be argued that whatever has been said is mere idle talk. The students, if they deposit their surplus money in banks, will not provide any substantial amount of resources. This is not correct, although students are not millionaire, yet the little they contribute to their countries development will not go waste. More important is the attitude that banking would produce and develop in them, namely to spend carefully and thriftily.

Pakistan needs every rupee that her citizens can afford to save. The government should, therefore, make all possible attempts to provide banking facilities to young students.

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