Basic Kapampangan Words and Phrases

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If you are planning to visit Philippines and drop by to some popular places in Pampanga, below are the common words and phrases used by Kapampangans you should remember.

"Pampango" is the dialect of Kapampangans.

ENGLISH                                        KAPAMPANGAN                                              TAGALOG

1. Good morning                              Mayap a abak                                                    Magandang umaga

(This can be followed by a title: For example, Mayap a abak koyang/atse/kaluguran. Atse means sister, koyang means brother and kaluguran means friend. Kaluguran also means love or valued.


2. Good afternoon                           Mayap a ugtu/gatpanapun                                 Magandang hapon

3. Good evening                              Mayap a bengi                                                   Magandang gabi

4. Thank you                                    Salamat                                                             Maraming salamat/salamat

(When saying "Thank you very much" , just put "dakal a" before the word "salamat" to look like "dakal a salamat")

5. Come here                                    Mekeni                                                              Halika dito

6. Yes                                                Ua/Wa                                                               Oo/Opo(with respect)

7. No                                                  Ali                                                                       Hindi

8. I like                                               Bisa ku/buri ku                                                   Gusto ko

9. I don’t know                                    E ku balu/ tabalu                                                Hindi ko alam

10. I don’t like                                     E ku buri/ e ku bisa                                             Hindi ko gusto

11. I don’t want it                                E ku buri                                                             Hindi ko gusto


When asking questions, use the following:

12. Where?                                         Nukarin?                                                             Saan?

(This can be followed by ya/ing, just like putting “is. Example, Where is Fields Avenue? “Nukarin ya ing Fields avenue in Kapampangan)


13. What?                                            Nanu?                                                                 Ano?

14. What’s you’re name?                    Nanu ka lagyu?                                                   Ano pangalan mo?

15. Where are you from?                    Taga nu ka rin  ka?                                             Taga saan ka?

16. What would you like?                   Nanu ing buri mu?                                                Ano ang gusto mo?

17. Where are you going?                  Nu ka rin ka munta?                                             Saan ka pupunta?

18. Who are you?                               Ninu ika?                                                              Sino ka?


When you are shopping, these phrases might help

19. How much is this?                       Magkanu ya ini?                                                    Magkano ito?

20: What is this?                               Nanu ya ini?                                                           Ano ito?

21. What is that?                               Nanu ya ita?                                                           Ano iyan?


The following are words to express your self to others

22. Handsome                                   Masanting                                                              Gwapo

(Example when saying "You are Handsome" means "Masanting Ka" in Kapampangan)

23. Beautiful                                      Malagu                                                                   Maganda

(Example when saying "You are Beautiful" means "Malagu Ka" in Kapampangan)

(Kapampangans also use “masanting” when they are referring to nice/beautiful things)

24. Sour                                             Maslam                                                                Maasim

25. Sweet                                           Mayumu                                                              Matamis

26. Big/large                                       Madagul                                                              Malaki

27. Small/little                                     Malati                                                                   Maliit

28. Few                                               Ditak/kapuranggit                                                Konti


When using directions, use these:

29. Left                                                 Kaili                                                                   Kaliwa

30. Right                                              Uanan/Wanan                                                   Kanan

(“Right” in English also means affirmation. If referring to this, use “ustu” in Kapampangan)



31. Cold                                                Marimla                                                             Malamig

32. Hot                                                  Mapali                                                               Mainit

33. Expensive                                       Mal                                                                    Mahal

34. Cheap                                             Mura                                                                  Mura



There are still more words and phrases in Kapampangan which may require a whole book to discuss but hopefully, this blog should help. Next time, I will make a blog on places must visit in Pampanga, Philippines.

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