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When I go to bed at 11 o'clock at night. Outside the window, the small snowflakes are falling ...


I got into the blankets, took the alarm clock, it was discovered not cry anymore, I forgot to buy the batteries that this cold weather I did not want to get up. I immediately phoned my mother.

- Mom, my alarm clock out of battery then, tomorrow I have to go early to the company because there was a meeting. 6am she called me up, okay?

Mother's voice on the other end hear about a new time, perhaps mother was asleep, the mother said:

- Okay I love ah!

When the phone rings, I'm still dreaming a beautiful dream. Outside it was still dark, the mother of the other line says:

- Daughter ah! Children quickly get up, have a meeting there today!

I raised my head and looked new, 5:40 minute, I incompressible annoyance.

- Not sure 6 hours the mother had called me or what? I want to sleep a little more.

Mother on the other end does not say anything, I hung up. Waking up, I finished showering and then go to work. The weather was pretty cold, snowy weather, TA between the vast land, standing at the bus stop my legs shivering. Around longer vague, standing next to me were two doctors had old hair was gray, I hear the younger doctor told her aunt.

- She did not see her every night sleep. Several new morning urged me awake. Now, clearly waiting long.

Yes, the first bus was 5 minutes away to. Finally, the car also has to, I'm in the car. Driving is a very young boy, waiting for me to finish the car, he immediately ran to the car. I told him that:

- This British driver, there are two more doctors under the sun, the cold like this. They have waited so long, why do not you wait in the car and let it run?

He very calmly said:

- It's okay, it's my parents. Today is the first day I drove the bus, my parents came to see me that that.

Suddenly I burst into tears, I saw a message sent to the father. "Girls ah! Mom said that was not a good mother, maternal quality sleep all night, get up early, take care of the fear of later meetings."

We owe a lot of things in this life, but the only thing that does not require us to repay, just might be the love of his parents!

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