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Introducing the new Film Annex Picks video

Our team came together to create the best video to explain to you what is Film Annex Picks, the benefits of being featured, and how to be on the list.

Film Annex Picks presents the best and most active filmmakers on Film Annex. What are the benefits for them? They will get more exposure, as their work will be seen directly on the homepage, but also a higher BuzzScore and revenues. The quality of the filmmaker’s movies is the key element to be featured. Having high-quality professional and entertaining films will open the doors to the Picks. The filmmakers should also be active and consistent bloggers, and share their work on social media.

You can see all the filmmakers currently featured here. If you are not on the list and you think your work deserves to be seen, contact us.


Our filmmakers get in front of the camera

In the past weeks, we had the great opportunity to meet two of our filmmakers, Lisa Stock and Sorcha Anglim. They both came to the Film Annex Studios to talk about their films, projects and share their views on the film industry. Watching these two women's passion for films is inspiring. Their understanding of the current state of the film industry reflects how independent filmmakers are developing their knowledge on how to effectively distribute their films, engage their audience through social media, and monetize their content. Lisa and Sorcha also share a strong interest for promoting filmmaking as an educational tool. While Sorcha is planning a trip to Peru where she will take her camera and teach children a few things about filmmaking, Lisa finds empowering for both the students and herself to be able to watch their stories and know more about people's lives.

Lisa Stock's interview.

Sorcha Anglim's interview.


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