Be Like Bamboo and Taro Plant

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Bamboo is actually a huge woody grass plant which it thin and tall and has a characteristic of being strong, even on the hardest and heavy wind it can stand still, it just go in the flow and even it is a tall plant, it can bend its trunk down to the ground without even breaking.

Be like the Bamboo plant , be strong in a test of life, no matter what kind of storm (problem) you encounter, stand still, just face the consequences and challenges of life and remember when you are at your highest peak of your life, no matter how rich or successful you are, learn to look back from where you from. Be humble enough and always put your feet on the ground.

Taro plant is just a small plant with a characteristic of being water proof leaf, it just accept all the rain that falls down through its leaf and like the Bamboo plant it also goes with the flow of the wind and can also stand the storm and it has strong grip on the ground which can stand heavy floods, and the leaves trunk can also bend and touch the ground without breaking.

Be like Taro plant who just let the rain fall down upon its leaves, just face the hardest time, just to with the wind or  flow of life, keep holding on your faith, so no storm or flood (test of problems) will bring you down. and when you are at your ups never forget to kneel down to pray and thank God for all the blessings you have, for being strong and letting you pass all the storms.

Only one thing you should remember, never get the characteristic of Taro which is itchy when it clings on skin of someone,it compared with a person who is flirting or mocking/teasing someone who's in a relationship already.


Photos/Images  by me bernalyn3g and compose by me also; Bernalyn dL. Bautista





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