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In this blog I will tell you that life is not an illusion.It is a reality.We should neither run after joys nor run away from from surrows.Our aim of life should be to act.The result of our efforts is beyond our control.
I reject the idea that life is nothing but an emty dream.Things are not such as they appear to be.Therefore,we should lead an active life,we should not live a life of lotus-eaters.Life is not self denial but self affirmation.
Life is a very serious thing.Death is not the end of life,In fact,it is a part of life which every one has to pass.We all have been created out of dust we shall turn into dust after death.These are the actual words of Holy Bible.First half of the idea is similar to the idea presented b the Holy Quran;but the holy quran differs with the second half of the idea,but the soul never dies.What is said about the body,is not said about the soul.
Life is neither marely enjoyement mor marely sorrow that we should think about these things.Our real aim of life should be to act right now.We must make the best use of our present time.Our future is built on our present actions.Human progress depends on actions.We should do something as tommorrow will take us far away from today.Remember the famous proverb.
Time past can not be recalled
Our goal lies a long way ahead.I mean to say that to gain skill or to learn an art or to achieve perfection in any branch of knowledge is a long and tedious process,whicjh requires quite a long time while time is flying very fast.So we have to hurry up.Our span of life on earth is very short.In spite of the fact that our hearts are strong and brave,they are beating slowly.The pounding of hearts is like the beating of drums coverved with cloth.Whenever the thought of death comes to our mind it seems as if our funeral is proceeding to the grave.

Life on earth is just like a continuous struggle for survival and this world is like a wide battle-field.So one has to face its pains and pangs.Our life on earth is like life in a temporary camp of soldiers.Death is inevitable.We should not behave like passive people doing nothing and blindly following others.We should live life like Ulysses,the hero of the Trojan War,we must strive,seek,and find a new world.We shold work hard like a hero and leave a good example for others to follow.
We should not look back at uor dead and useless past.What matters is our present life and present time.If we want to become a successful person,we should work hard with sincerity and devotion in the living present.We should keep going ahead and leave everyrhing else to God.We should remember that God is watching our deeds and we are accountable to Him.Only God is to give us reward.
The lives and achievements of all great and well-known people of the world ramind us that we can become popular and eminent provided we put in the best of our efforts.Those great men who have gone out,have left their foot prints on the sands of time for our guidance.We should follow their examples and succeed in life.We should also set a good example of a successful life for the coming generation to follow.In this way we can become immortal.
Men of strong determination leave their footprints in the sands of time.Perhaps these foot prints will show the path of success to others who are crossing the ferocious ocean of life.Others might see their footprints and get inspired and follow their footprints and be able to lead a successful life.

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I am a student of Bsc Agricultural scinece .I am from Pakistan. I belong to Haripur.

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