Beauty of Natures Fury

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Beauty of Nature's Fury

Beauty of Nature's Fury is an exhibition of extraordinary photographs by professional photographer and storm chaser, Marty Pouwelse. Many of these images feature spectacular lightning storms over Logan. FREE exhibition.


This Saturday 10th May is the final day of the exhibition. The gallery is open on this day.

Here's a list of events to coincide with the exhibition at the Logan Art Gallery in Brisbane:

EXHIBITION FLOOR TALK - Fri 11 Apr 1:30pm - 2:30pm
Join professional photographer and storm chaser Marty Pouwelse for an informative floor talk through his exhibition of extraordinary photographs Beauty of Nature's Fury. All welcome. FREE session.

VISUAL PRESENTATION - Wed 16 Apr 1:30pm - 2:30pm
Join the artist as he reveals how he photographs storms. What's the best side of a storm to take photos? How do you take better landscape shots? How do you take photos of lightning? Whether it's dark clouds, a fast moving front at night, or lightning, every aspect of storm photography requires a different approach. This presentation is not just a slideshow; it will show you which specific camera settings to use for all the different scenarios that storm chasing inevitably brings. It will also go into a number of other factors that will affect your photos that have nothing to do with the camera - like forecasting and image post production. All welcome. FREE session.

Workshop for artists: PHOTOGRAPHING YOUR ARTWORK - Sat 5 Apr 2pm - 3:30pm
Discover the best way to easily and cheaply photograph your artworks. This session covers important aspects such as aperture, focus, subject distance, lighting, white balance, image resolution and file sizes. Make the most of the camera you have with some basic techniques to take better photos of your artwork. Places strictly limited so booking is essential by Wed 2 Apr. FREE session.

STORM CHASING PASTEL DRAWINGS (6-12 yr olds) - Thu 17 Apr 2pm - 4pm
Dramatic storm clouds and spectacular lightning effects from the exhibition Beauty of Nature's Fury will inspire you to create your own storm chasing drawings in chalk pastel. Bookings essential. FREE session. For 6-12 year olds. 20 places available (plus carers).


BEAUTY OF NATURE'S FURY FOR PRE-SCHOOLERS (3-5 yr olds) - Tue 29 Apr 11am - 12pm
This workshop is inspired by the storm chasing exhibition Beauty of Nature's Fury. Dramatic storm clouds and spectacular lightning effects will inspire young visitors to create their own storm chasing artworks in paint and collage. FREE session. For 3-5 year olds. 15 places available (plus carers).




Nature nurtures and nestles the earth
To ensure long survival of human race
Beauty and bounty abound everywhere
It is bathed 




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