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We all get fascinated by nature. Nature mesmerizes all of us and refreshes our minds with beauty. My country Pakistan is full of such naturally beautiful places. Pakistan is full of breathtaking locations which will make you fall in love with this country. If you are a tourist or love to travel then you must visit Pakistan. Once you visit this country, you will never want to leave it. This article is all about the beautiful and worth seeing places of Pakistan.

***Beautiful Places Of Pakistan***

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There are many appealing sites in our country. These sites show our culture and rituals. These sites are the pride of our country. We love not only the urban but also natural places of the country too. Pakistan is full of historical places too. Let’s take a look at the most beautiful places of Pakistan one by one.


Murree is the most beautiful and popular most city in Pakistan. It is famous not only in Pakistan rather tourist from all over the world visit this beautiful city. It is the best visiting city for tourist as it contains all those things which fascinate them.


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Murree is famous due to its scenic views and snowfall. The mountains of Murree are covered with snow during winter season. In summer, people from all over Pakistan come there for spending their holidays. There are so many points in Murree that attract the attention of people. Muree is the commonplace of Pakistanis for spending time with their families.

Gilgit Baltistan


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Gilgit Baltistan is one of the most spectacular regions of Pakistan in terms of geography and scenic beauty. It is the most beautiful city of Pakistan. The world three mightiest mountains ranges meet here. Adventurous people come here for enjoying the charms of Gilgit. The whole of Gilgit Baltistan is like a paradise of mountaineers, tourists and trekkers.

Gilgit is fundamentally famous for the Karakorum. This region is full of cultural heritage. Very fine and delicate things are made in Gilgit. Tourist loves the handicrafts of this place. Five out of fourteen mountains peek with the height of 8000m above are included in Pakistan. Gilgit is the central point of such charming beautiful places. It shows that Pakistan is rich in beauty and wonders.



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Chitral is located in the north of Pakistan. This place is a fascinating combination of scenic beauty and cultural heritage. It is the land of apricots, peas and pomegranate. You will see these fruits trees everywhere in Chitral.

Dry fruits are exported all over the country from Chitral. This place is somewhere in the mountains, having huge mountains all around. It is full of the gushing river and green orchards. Chitral attracts the tourist with its amazing beauty. It’s truly an enchanting part of Pakistan. Once you visit these places, you are never going to go back.

Hunza valley


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Hunza Valley is a mountainous valley in Pakistan. As famous as the valley is for its beauty, the people of Hunza are also well-known for their friendliness, love and hospitality. Every year tourist visits this place and captures the beautiful scenic views of this valley. Hunza Valley is famous for its trekking. There are various trekking spots in Hunza. It’s a very small place but is enriched with gemstones and minerals. Foreign people love these gemstones and pearls. Only a few restaurants are available here but they are serving the visitors very well. This place is full of nature.



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Swat is a river valley in Pakistan. Swat is known as the “SWITZERLAND OF PAKISTAN”. The one, who wants to see the beauty of Pakistan, must visit Swat for experiencing such phenomenal place.

It is one of the ancient valleys in Pakistan. Swat is full of lakes about 52 lakes are present in this single valley. The location of swat is really amazing as it is full of greenery. High mountains and green meadows are present everywhere in Swat. This place is the centre of tourist.

Many tourists from different parts of the world visit Pakistan especially for visiting these northern areas. The people of swat welcome them open heartedly and serve them with their best services. Simple and decent people are inhabited in swat. You will love to visit this place.

Naran Kaghan Valley

Naran is a small town in upper of Kaghan valley. It is one of the most beautiful parts of northern areas in Pakistan which is elevated 2500m above the sea level. The beautiful views, rivers and lakes have a spectral view in Naran valley. Its beauty captures a lot of people towards itself. Hence, it is a famous resort for tourist and trekkers. The weather of Naran remains cold all the year.


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The mountains and lakes present here to preserve it from the warm rays of the sun. The ice on the mountain tops never melts, even in months of June and July, the mountains are covered with snow. People who love snowfall visit this place after travelling for long. It’s a very attractive place.

Gorak Hill


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Gorak hill, which is situated in Sindh, the province of Pakistan. It’s the only place in Sindh which receives snowfall in winter. Gorak hills have a unique beauty which captivates the visitors. It’s an attractive place because it is very close to nature. The weather here is very neutral and during winters snow adds to it. Gorak hills have beautiful surroundings.

The way towards Gorak is bit dangerous because of uphill. Visitors love this place as it is close to Murree. The almost same environment is experienced in Gorak and Murree. People of Sindh enjoy snowfall here. Gorak is also called the “Muree of East”.


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These are just very few places of Pakistan that are worth seeing. Many more places are present in our country that holds your breath. Our country is blessed with beauty all over. I hope you might wish to visit these places after having a glimpse of these beautiful places. We always welcome visitors to our country. Pakistan is beautiful not only because of its sceneries rather the people here are also beautiful from the heart.

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