beauty of snow wrapped wood

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Robert frost is a famous American poet of this century. His poetry is simple but profound in thoughts. It gets its nourishment from nature and the experiences of life. ”stopping by woods on a snowy evening” depicts the poet’s pure delight. The poet enjoys the beauty of snow wrapped wood and then goes on with his routine duties.

The poet stops near the small area of woodland. Perhaps the poet knows the owner of the forest who lives in a nearby village. However the poet is satisfied that the owner does not know that someone is watching his woodlands. The horse of the poet thinks their sojourn strange. It wonders why they have stayed at a place between dark forest and icy lake. To ask this question it jingles its bridle a bit. It seems as if it is asking its rider the reason of stopping there. It wants to know whether they have suffered something wrong. The only hum beside the tinkle of the bridle is the slight sound of soft wind and falling of fleecy flakes of snow. The woods present a soothing sight. It looks beautiful. But it is thick and dark as well. The poet wants to stay there and enjoy the cool balmy scene. But he remembers that he has to do a lot of work before going to bed so he starts of his journey.

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