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 As a fanatic for flowers and the plant world, I try to keep myself updated on the current events related to this field.

Most recently I came across an article referencing the decline in the bee population worldwide that may not seem to do relate too well to the naked eye but in reality, it has everything to do with plants.

As we all know, farmers use tons of insecticides, fungicides and pesticides in order to improve their harvest and increase their profits.


These chemicals harm the natural genetic makeup of plants so, scientists have to continually force plants to respond appropriately to these chemicals by genetically since over time, they adapt to the chemicals.

Thus scientists continue genetically modifying the seeds of popular crops such as corn, wheat, rice and various others in order to stay up to date with technology and the feed the world.

So this constant competition that farmers face with nature by jamming in chemicals will obviously have it own share of consequences in return, which brings me to my original point in regards to the population of bees.


Plants and flowers need bees. We need bees for food aka we need bees to survive.

According to UN estimates, of the 100 primary species of crops responsible for 90 percent of the food in the world, 71 rely on bee pollination worth somewhere between $37 billion and $91 billion in financial terms.

That sentence right there should show enough proof for the significance of bees for flowers and ultimately our existence. 

Now, I know you’ve probably heard about the decreased numbers of bees in the world previously in the news, on the radio or through podcasts but, have we made enough change to thoroughly improve the situation?



Not so much. 

We have raised awareness but I feel as though our main issue is with farmers who adore tacking on the pesticides and herbicides that are harmful to bees and ultimately die off from a mysterious disease known as colony collapse disorder.

We need to diminish the high demand for pesticides and that change begins with you through your consumer decisions; choosing organic or locally grown products will benefit your health and the health of our bees.


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