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“Beggary is a curse” In this world every one is not rich and not satisfied about his socioeconomic status.People do different jobs to earn their livings.In these jobs one is Beggary. In past few years the numbers of beggars has greatly increased in all over the world.Every country has different ratios of beggars.In these countries the underdeveloped countries like afghanistan,pakistan and india are leading in the numbers of beggars.


Begging has became a popular profession.People think that all beggars are poor.But the truth is not like that most of them are well to do persons.Some are quite rich and some hire beggars on monthly salary for begging. There are small number of beggars who are unable to earn physically like due to blindness,hand deformity or some other defect. Begging is not easy it needs an art and a sharp mind.Some have inborn qualities of begging while others learn through practice.Almost all beggars are good actors in act of begging.They know how to catch the sympathy of people.Amongest these beggars some are not genuine beggars.They shows themselves as beggars but actually these are burglars,childlifters and abductors,These are the dangerous one.


In every country government has made a lot of rules to ban begging and provided an opportunity to beggars to earn with honesty and to become useful members of society. But still there is a need of much more improvement in this issue so that their numbers could be controlled and its spread should be stopped.


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i am syed hidayatullah.i have done msc in mathematics from pakistan.And now i am a bloger at filmannex.and feeling great

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