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Today i am going to talk about begging in our country Pakistan....

Now begging becomes a profession in our country many peoples use it as a way to earn a lot of money & get a large amount of money from peoples by showing fake injuries etc.

Many of the peoples who need that money really can't get it because of those fake begers which get away a large amount of money from peoples instead of the peoples who really need that money.

Many rich peoples use poor children for begging & some times by doing terrible acts those rich peoples break the legs or arms of those children etc and send them to roads streets etc for begging. When Police of Pakistan try to take action against them they use their links with high authorities and protect them from any kind of difficulty ad they continue their work of using children for begging.

And due to this many of really begers who need that money really can't get that and many of them died because of hunger.The government of our country should take action against it and should help those peoples who need money really and citizens should also play role in it so our country Pakistan should progress and become a great country according to vision of Quaid-e-Azam


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I live in Pk & study in 11 class.... :p

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