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 Honey is a sweet runny liquid produced by honey bees using the nectar they collect from the . flowers. Its a very long but extremely exciting process. Honey posesses antiseptic & antibacterial properties, and modern science has managed to find usefull information of how to use honey as a medicine. Over 4 thousand years ago honey was used as a traditional medicine where it was thought to treat certain ailments in the body. our prophet (sws) used honey in their diet and lifestyle very offen and were very fond of it.

Honey is just made up of glucose which is just very natural sugar. Modern science is finding that many of the traditional doctors claim to say that honey can be used in medicines. It is stated in our qur'an and also in the bible. Not only is it beneficial for our general health, but also helps in healing wounds & burns. Many reports have suggested the success rates some people have reported in treating wounds & special burns. honey also fights infections and combats allergies.

WHAT ARE THE HEALTH BENEFITS OF HONEY.....?? 1) Honey contains such things that prevent cancer and heart disease. 2) Research have shown that honey can be used as a treatment to reduce ulcers and other stomach problems. 3)All honey is antibacterial because the beez produce a certain ingrediant that alliminates any kind of bacteria in the body. 4)For any sports person or somebody who likes to be active, honey is known to be a really good source of diet that includes natural sugars. 5) Honey also helps to reduce coughs, colds, and tempereatures..... So basicaly honey is mentioned in the qur'an so it obviously has endless benefits to it.S o the more we eat.....the better for us..........


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