Benefits Of Reading.

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Reading is probably one of the most beneficial activities that a human can do, through reading that a person is going to be able to discover new ideas and concepts.

The reason why we have selected this topic Because of technology addiction reading is removed from our life nobody can read now a day, they have no importance in their life to read any kind of books, newspapers, etc.

Reading is so important because reading is relaxing to our mind and soul; it improves our thinking process.Reading also reports knowledge and information to our brains. It is no secret that reading increases vocabulary and spelling more than talking or direct teaching.




Reading can help save your memory

When you are reading, you are using your memorization skill. Every time you read and encounter a new set of words, you figure out its meaning and then store it in your short term memory. This is important so that you would know its meaning the next time you encounter the word again. So it turns out that the more you read, the more you are using your memory skills. Now that you know this little bit of information, you can use reading as a sort of memory enhancement tool.


When you want to remember an important word or sentence in the book, you should highlight it. This technique helps the student to focus on the most important parts of the book. This also trains your brain to look for important details and remember it.

After reading the book, you can talk with other people who have also finished the book. Discuss with your friends about the different parts of the book and the plot or the characters. By doing this, you are again using your memory skills in recalling all the details in the book.

Improve Quality of Conversation

Have you ever experience having a conversation with a group? Well usually since you are in a group, the group tends to talk about different things and different topics. You can notice that there are some people who can’t cope up with the conversation because they lack knowledge about the topic. Sometimes they call them the “out-of placed”, well basically because they don’t know what you are talking about. Reading can help you with this because reading can give you a lot of new knowledge which can wider your understandings about different things. Sadly the only topic of conversation these days seem to be all about celebrity gossip or what’s going on in reality TV shows or people lives. This narrow focus of Attention takes us away from all the wonderful information and event that are going on in the world and beyond.

People underestimate the power gained from reading, which can be priceless, reading expand your knowledge and awareness. Reading will also stimulate your creative imagination.