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MANGOES is also called king of fruits. It is most widely used fruit in all over the world. There are different types of mangoes. It is sweet in taste. It is very beneficial clean your skin, aid in weight loss, increase energy level. One cup of mangoes contain 100 calories, 0.5 gram fats, 25% vitamin A, 11% vitamin B6 and also vitamin B., 8% of vitamin K, 76% vitamin C, 95 of copper.

  1. Skin and hair:

                 It is very useful for skin because of vitamin A. which is necessary for growth of body and tissues. Mangoes are applicable for all types of skin. It can also be use as skin cleanser.

  1. Fights cancer:

                It also fights against cancer.

  1. Reduces kidney stones formation.
  2. It also helps in digestion because of fibres and water help to prevent constipation and also promote regularity.
  3. Mango contain 25% of vitamin A due to which it helps in promoting good eye sight and it also prevents night blindness.
  4. Mango is rich in iron so it is great natural solution for people suffering from anaemia.
  5. It can be also used as body scrub.
  6. It increase energy level.
  7. Mango also regulate diabetes.
  8. Age related muscular degeneration.




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