Best Christmas Gift Ideas For Loved Ones

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The yuletide season has finally come. One of the activities many people focus during this time of the year is buying gifts for their loved ones. Though probably the most enjoyable of all, many people still find it hard to prepare the right Christmas gifts.

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So, I decided to write a blog about the best Christmas gift ideas for everyone. Knowing that coming up with something unique of a gift is really hard to achieve every holidays, I tried my hardest to put a personal touch to this list. Here it goes.


#1 - Christmas Cards

Nothing could probably beat a personalized card. A typical option, greeting cards can possess incredible amount of emotional value. Out of all the gift ideas out there, these can be considered the simplest and cheapest. Yet, Christmas cards can also be the most personal.

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Be careful in choosing a card though. Many out there are readily made and prepared, which leaves very little to edit out. If you choose such card, the recipient might think you don't put enough effort in it. Of course, there is nothing wrong with opting for a readily made one. But still, it will be a lot better if you put a personal touch to it.

There are also Christmas cards with blank slates. Those who are creative and artistic enough might resort to this kind of cards. You may also get the necessary accessories for it on the same arts and crafts store you'd purchase from. 

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Really, it all depends on your and your recipient's preferences. When it comes to gift cards, you can utilize your creativity to express what you want. Oh, by the way, there are also Christmas gift cards readily made which still allow you to customize most of it according to your taste.


#2 - Wine and Glasses

Alright, this might be a little common, but many people still want to receive wine as gift. My late father, who loved drinking so much, preferred to have a bottle of good wine during Christmas. Well, that is, on top of some other gifts. Haha!

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He was particular with glasses though, and he loved to have his wine on a regular glass or cup. However, there are those who would love their wine to come with a glass, specific to the alcoholic beverage their drinking. A bit absurd, but I truly understand where the fondness comes from. Just imagine how many kinds of glasses there are! I didn't even know such things exist.


#3 - Personalized Mugs and Shirts

In the Philippines, personalized mugs and shirts have been a typical gift during holidays and birthdays. Many printing shops started to have these ideas of printing a specific design to shirts according to the wants of their customers.

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Printed shirts have been existing for quite a while now. I even had that back when I was in High School. Personlized mugs are pretty much more recent, in comparison, though not really very recent. One specific design that has caught people's attention is that one which looks plain at first, but when poured a hot liquid would reveal the printed design. 


#4 - Cosmetic Products

Oh, do I even need to put into words how make-up kits and other beauty products would be a best gift idea? Many people are becoming more and more hooked to the art of cosmetics. Regardless of age and gender, beauty products are always included in the list of many people's gift ideas.

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Don't believe me? Check out Sephora's page which includes makeup gift sets. You would see there different sets of makeups, from different eye products like eyeshadow palletes and eyeliner, to lip products such as lipstick sets and lip masks.

Cosmopolitan also listed specific makeup gifts sets that are perfect for makeup lovers! Check it out.


#5 - D.I.Y. Craft Sets

Personally, this is the best gift idea for me. I mean, for someone like me who likes all those do-it-yourself stuff out there, craft sets are really delightful to receive. There are lots of places to go shopping for D.I.Y. craft sets including The Handyman, Ace Hardware and The D.I.Y. Shop.

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I didn't specify the tool set in here because, for one, there are just lots of tools out there. Secondly, many people just have variety of likes, and it would be hard to point out just one. But one thing is for sure, many would love to receive D.I.Y. craft sets!

Oh, how I hope to receive my gardening set this year. Haha!


#6 - Books

Books could be one of the old school go-to's when it comes to gift ideas. But, will it really ever get old? I don't think so. It seems like many people across all ages are still book readers, according to statistics.

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So, that makes books still a perfect Christmas gift to a person you loved. I have a bunch of friends who are bookworms. It's not always a thing that I gift them with books but whenever I do, I can tell you they are very much satisfied and happy with it. 

I also loved receiving books as gift, apart from D.I.Y.'s! Actually, most relatives of mine always resort to it as a present to me. My cousins would always give me novels, classics and contemporary, as presents. If there would be anything that would delight me aside from craft set, books would be it.


#7 - Scrapbook and Diaries

Photo album is another common gift prepared by many. However, I would personally recommend of replacing it with scrapbooks because it could be made so much personalized. If you are creative enough, a scrapbook would be a bomb!

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Diaries are a bit less common. But to some who still love penning their daily experiences, diaries are cool gift idea! Wanna make it more personal? Make it your own design, and consume the first page with your own personal message to the recipient!


#8 - Drawing or Sketch

This is a not-so-common Christmas gift, but I just personally discover drawings and sketches to be beautiful gift idea. A casual friend of mine, who I just recently met, makes realistic colored and black-white sketches and drawings. He offers service for a small amount of money, which I think is underdeserved. 

Anyway, I just made a deal with this friend to draw me and my boyfriend. I plan to have it as gift to him (my boyfriend). I am not sure if he would be delighted for it because I frankly never gave him one like it before. But I am so anxious to see it myself!

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#9 - Custom Pillows and Cushions

I was thinking of things I personally like as I draft this blog. To my surprise, I decided to include pillow and cushions, instead of your regular big stuffed bears. Haha! I am not into stuffed toys even as a small kid, so that could be the reason why.

Pillows and cushions are cute gift ideas. As I think about it, they are just not for kids nor for teenage girls and boys. They could also be perfect gifts for adults!


#10 - Baked Sweets and Chocolates

Oh, sounds a bit of a knockout? Chocolates, cupcakes and other baked sweets are still fine gifts to give this Christmas! It could be thought of as something which do not last long, but you can still leave something memorable by creating trays or plastic boxes to hold these goodies. 

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By doing this, you add more personal touch to this gift. You can also tell the recipient to keep the trays and boxes as remembrance. I have done that before, and it worked. My friend absolutely loved the carrot cupcakes I baked, and the box I made with it. She said she still keeps the box for other purposes.


And there you go! These are the ten Christmas gift ideas I could think of as of the moment. How about you? Share your thoughts with me! I'd love to hear them! By the way, I would also want to share this cool video from Sarah Betts featuring DIY Christmas gifts!

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