Best examples of Native Advertising - 40 Love for Cornetto Cupidity series, directed by Lloyd Lee Choi, produced by The Herd

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What do tennis, love and Lily Allen have to do with ice cream? Not much, you would think. Well, Cornetto begs to differ and proves it in a 8-minute short film, the latest addition to its Cupidity Love series, now known as one of the best examples of native advertising videos.







In 40 LoveLily Allen (aka Cupid) narrates the love story of Debbie, a Tennis line judge, and Maria, up-and-coming Tennis star. The Cornetto logo only appears as a sponsor of the tennis game, perfectly visually placed in the story, yet almost unnoticeable. The film, directed by Lloyd Lee Choi, is produced by The Herd Films, and created by Mofilm agency. Touching and funny moments - when Debbie becomes an Internet sensation and "meme" after she's been hit by a tennis ball - alternate to create the kind of short story that couldn't look less like a commercial...and that's what we like and want to see more often!


Director - Lloyd Lee Choi
Producer - Kyle Hollett
Writen By - Emma Katz
Additional Dialogue - Rebecca Strom
Director of Photography - Benjamin Loeb
Production Designer - Caitlin Byrnes
Costume Design - Zoe Green
Casting Director - Tamara Hunter
Production Coordinator - Jordan Barber
Editing - Lloyd Lee Choi
Post Sound Editor - Vidar Grande
Colorist - David Tomiak
VFX - Gloo Studios

Debbie - Phoebe Neidhardt
Maria - Fernanda Romero
Doctor/Cupid - Lily Allen
Coach - Marco Rodriguez
Chair Umpire - Preston Greeg
News Anchor - Brian Johnston
Tennis Opponent - Susie Abromeit
Old Woman - Bunny Levine
Tween 1 - Alice Wen
Tween 2 - Leo Lungaro
Ball Girl - Zoe Croft

Matilda's Theme - Hilary Grist
What A Difference A Day Makes - Dinah Washington
Running For Cover - Ivan & Alyosha
Pillow Talk - Wild Child

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