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I personally adore to watch TV series and I prefer to watch those that do not have too many episodes. I just do not love those that least too long because in that case I forget what happened at the beginning of it. I am going to share with you list of my favorite TV series and I hope that you are going to like some of those.  I mostly love to watch series about some criminals and some crimes because those series are dynamic and something interesting is happening all the time. And also in those series you never know what is going to happen next and how it is going to end. But I also love to watch mysteries and I love to watch TV series that are showing us some less known things from history and also the 'other side' of the history that we will not read in book or see in documentary movies.

So, let's start with my list. I hope you will like some of those. 

First of all and my favorite TV series of all times is definitely Russian crime series called "Law of the Lawless"this is actually a miniseries because it has only 15 episodes. But in those 15 episodes we can see a very long period in life of main characters, or should I say main character? Plot of series is following life of Alexander and his three best friends in period between 1989. and 2000. In the first scene of the first episode we see an accident that is happening to them and then we see a very long flashback. We are going back to 1989. and we see Alexander who returns from army where he was for two years. When he got back he realized that nothing is not same anymore. His girlfriend become a prostitute, his friends Kosmos and Viktor became criminals and his friend Valeriy (who was a professional boxer) found out that he is sick. Sasha was broken because the whole situation and when his girlfriend's macro was killed by an accident, Sasha was suspected for that. Whole his life was ruined and he decided to change it totally. During the series we can see the rise and the fall of his criminal group. 
Those four men are criminals and they are doing terrible thing to other people, but they love each other very much. Their friendship had some crisis but they passed trough everything. So, we all can learn a lot about friendship from them. 
I recommend to everyone to watch this miniseries. 


I also love the British TV series "Taboo". It is written and produced by Tom Hardy and his father. It is about man who have lost everything. Everybody was thinking that he is dead and the they will never see him or hear anything about him anymore, but they made a mistake, he is alive, and he is ready to revenge to all those who tried to kill him. Main character of this short TV series is James Delaney. Plot of it is located in London in 1814. Delaney have spend 12 year in Africa. He is strange, tattooed man who is going to take what is his, and he is ready to do everything to get what he wants.  We have seen only one season of this TV series and it has only 8 episodes. I hope that we will see new season very soon. 
In this TV series we can see that for one person is most important to set some priorities and to fight for them, of course we should not kill or cheat them to get what we want to, but we should give our best to get what we want to have. 


Greek TV series "Island", deserves a place on this list. In this TV series we can see a young woman called Alexis who needs to make some very important decisions. Those decisions are going to change her life and because of that she decides to find out something about her mother's past. All she know about her mother is that she was born and that she was living in one small village where most people where fishers. When her mother grew up she moved to London. When she got in the village where her mother was living,she noticed that there is one small island near it. Island is called Spinalonga and during the World War II it was a home for all those that had lepra. Alexis is meeting a lot of onld friends of her mother and a lot of relatives and she is discovering many secrets of her family. Her grandmother was one of those people that lived in Spinalonga. It is a story about tragedy, love, separation of people that love each other very much. This TV series is not as short as those two before, but it is very good and you should pay attention to it. It has only one season that has 26 episodes. This is not a crime TV series, but it is full of some mysteries. 


On this list is also one Serbian TV series called "Ravna Gora". It is a TV series about Serbian army and Serbian king during the World War II. There are too many movies about comunists and this TV series is a real refreshment. All those that love history should see this one, you are going to like it ffor sure. It is the other side of history, you can not see this in books and in documentary movies. It have 10 episodes and it is following life of commander Dragoslav Mihailovic of Serbian army during the war. After the war communists convicted this man to death, but in this miniseries you will see that he was not a criminal, he actually was a great soilder and a great man.  We can how he was giving his best to help to Serbian people, and we can see that his army was very, very disciplined during the whole war, they were not killing, raping and stealing like all other army groups.  This is not a typical crime TV series but in it we can see some bad people doing bad things all the time, so this is historical TV series with some elements of crime series. 


So, those short TV series are my favorite and I hope that you are going to like some of them because they are all great. As I said my favorite one is Russian TV series filmed in 2002., "Law of the Lawless". And thare are also so many great series that I have not decribed here, but I will name them below, so you can find them to, and yes, on those list you can find all genres, drama, mystery, horror, thriller...

  • And Then There Were None 
  • The Night Manager
  • The 10th Kingdom
  • Generation Kill
  • Top of the Lake 
  • Aerican Horror Story :Asylum
  • Into the West
  • War and Peace
  • The Pillars of the Earth 
  • The people v. O. J. Simpson: American Crime Story 

If you decide to see some of those TV series that I have recommended here, please let me know that, I would be happy to hear that some of you liked some of those series from my list. 


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