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We all love gifts. It always feels amazing to get something from people, who are close to you, for example family members, friends, emotional partner... and it always feels great to give something to those people. We are living in era of smart devices, and because o that, it is normal to give and to get those things as gifts. I will shgare with you some devices, that would be great gifts in my opinion, and I would explain you why are those devices good as gifts, if you agree withme, let me know that, and if you have any other suggestion, let me know that. I hope that someone will get an idea for a gift from this list. And, you have to coness that we really need all those smart devices, they are very useful, and all of them are very small. 

Truly wireless headphones

Those headphones are much more comfortable for users, than headphones with wires. When I say comortable, I mean, it is much easier to use headphones that do not have wires, because wires are bothering us many times. That is also reason, why wireless headphones last much longer, than those with wires. It means that those headphones are saving us money, also they are saving time, because they do not have wire that can get entwined. Those headphones are perfect for business people, who are always in hurry, and who are always busy. You can ind them in many various colors, and that is the best thing about them. 


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Next time, when you are thinking of perfect gift, for your super busy friend, pay attention to truly wireless headphones. 

Here, on this link that I posted here, you can find something more about those headphones, and I really hope that you are going to like them, and that you are going to realize, if you have not already, how amazing those headphones actually are. If you decide to buy them to someone, thanks to this post, please let me know that, it would be amzing to know that somene changed opinion about wireless headphones, or any other smart device, thanks to my post here. 

Smart speaker

In case that your loved one loves music, smart speaker is going to be a perfect gift or that person. Those speakers are great for the same reasns why wireless headphones are. They are easy to carry, wherever their owner is going, they are great for the pool parties, for parties at the beach, also those speakers are very interesting to children, and you can gie tohse to children too. They can listen to some interesting story or some songs that are made for children via those speakers. 


Credits: Tech Hive

It is great that we can find those speakers in many shapes and many colors, so everyone can find something what he or she is going to like. 

I left you here the link of a website, where you can find many different smart speakers, and you can see which one you mostly like, so I hope that it will helo you to decide which one would be the best or your loved one, in case that you decide that smart speaker is the thing that you want to buy to someone.  To be honest, I do not have a favorite one, and in my opinion, speaker is speaker, no matter which one I have, but there are many people, who hae favorite smart speakers. Take a look, I am sure that you will like at least one speaker from this page. 


Smart watches

In case that you do not want you child to use smartphone, smart watch is perfect thing for your child. Those wtches have many great options, and we can do many amazing things with those watches, that is the main reason why chldren like them a lot. 
I personally can not tell you anything special about any smart watch, because i Have never been using any o them, thatis why I do not know details about those watches. 
But, I will leave you a site, where you can see rewievs of a couple o those watches,s o you can read that, and you can see which one is the perfect one for your child, and which one is the best. All of them look very nice, but the preferences are different. I hope that you are going to find the perfect!


Credits: Wonder Share


Smart thermostat

Here is one more small device that can help us a lot, that is why I think that it would be a perfect gift or everyone. Again, there are many models, and you can choose the color and shape that you think, person, who you will gie it to, is going to like. For this item, I will also leave you a site, where you can find many of them, and decide which one you like the best. I personally prefer those that are not very big, and that are black. I do not know why, I just like simple things very much. Can you tell us, in the comments below, which one you mostly like, and why you like that one more than all others? 

C Net 12 best smart thermostats

Here you can find 12 of them, and you can choose your favorite one.



Of course, you can buy some other smart devices to peple, who you love,  but I think that those from my list are the most interesting ones. I personally do not love too big, and too valuable gits like smartphones, smart TVs, smart security systems... Those things people should buy themsleves. I really do not know which smart TV someone wants to have, and that is why I wouls never buy it to someone. I mean it is expensive, and it would not be good if the person who got it, do not like it at all. That is why I prefer small cute things, that can be easily replaced, if the person who got it do not like it. 

As I said at the begining artificial intelligence is big part of our lives, and that is why we are giving smart devices to each other. In my opinion, this rom my list are universal, you can give them to your firnds, family members, no matter is the person who you are buying gift to a male or a female, no matter are you buying them gifts for birthday, new year, back to school. Most people like those things a lot, and almost everyone needs this, so even if someone od not like some of those, he or she really need them. All of them. 

I truly hope that this list of ides for smart gits was helpful to you, if there is any other device that you think it would be great for a gift, please, share that with us, maybe I can write the second part of this list. Also, I can write a list of smart devices that are very popular in Serbia, and I would also love to see whihc smart devices are popular in other countries, all around the world, and to know why do people from those countries like those devices. 


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