beter to be alone than a bad friend

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Life without friend  is like death without witness. Of course all the people like to have good friends to discuss their problems with them and run the life happily. It is obvious that friendship is a necessity.

As human cannot overcome the problems alone and does not enjoy life without friend. But it is necessary to identify good friends and choose the best ones. As it say: try a friend before you trust him or her.

The young's are recommended having good friends and pay attention to choose the real friends. Those who are on purpose friends are not qualified for friendship they are too poor to be called friend and accompanying of them is a waste of time.

The real friend on the contrary is appreciable. They have to be regarded and their friendship should be admired, such friends always try to help and assist you when you are needy,

but how can we have good friends? And what to do to find real friends? Of course cheerfulness, honesty, sympathy, and kindness are the issues that help us in this way and can give us this chance to improve the friendship and find good friends. But it is mentionable that a short problem can part the friends so always try to avoid finding faults and try to keep friends for ever.     

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parnian poya was born in the year 1379 in herat province. now she is one of the students of ten class in mahjoba heravy high school.

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