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Today we are featuring Betty Boop's cartoons from 1931. Enjoy

Betty's sixth apperance (1931). voice is provided by Little Ann Little. Bimbo shows up at Betty's door with his assistant's to help Betty move house. Bimbo takes one glance at Betty, and falls in love with her. Bimbo then sing's "Hello Beautiful" to Betty which is like a reference to Maurice Chevalier, who is later heard in the Betty Boop Cartoon stopping the show (1932).

Bimbo's Initation (1931). Betty's voice is provided by Mae Questel. Betty Star's as Bimbo's Girlfriend. Bimbo, walking down the street, Get's pushed into a manhole By mickey mouseand fall's into clutches of the the mystic order of goom gooma hotcha.

Bet­ty and Bim­bo take a trip to Crazy­town for a small va­ca­tion where any­thing can hap­pen. mice are roar­ing & birds swim in the lake. Hats are worn on feet & shoes on heads. Bet­ty and bim­bo Per­form "Lets Go Crazy" for all the an­i­mals in Crazy­town.

Betty Boop Dizzy Red Riding Hood (1931). voice is provided by Little Ann Little. Betty Boop star's as Little Red Riding Hood. It is unknown if Betty is completly human being as she is wearing a hood undeath lies either Hoop earrings or long floppy doggy ears.

Betty Boop in Jack & the Beanstalk (1931). voice by Ann Rothschild aka Little Ann Little. Betty gets top billing in Jack & the Beanstalk because she was the bigger star by the latter part of 1931, but second-billed Bimbo plays the title role & has the larger amount of screen time. Bimbo has reverted to the un-cute white-faced Bimbo in this one.Betty still has doggy ears.

Minding the Baby (1931) Betty's ninth apperance. Betty's voice is provided by Mae Questel. Betty finally has top billing over Bimbo for the opening credits, having come into her star status. But she still has doggy ears. Bimbo has to mind his baby brother Aloysius, a complete brat who whines for no reason, smokes cigars, plays the market, & is in general annoying.

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