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Just recently, I am so happy that I got a "+29" on my Buzz Score. It was exactly "74+29". That was the time when I published my post about the "2015 Cricket World Cup Bonus". I also posted some images to my Micro Blog and Gallery so as visited your profiles before I went to take a break.

After a few hours, I came back to check and throw another few updates on my Micro Blogs and to perform another round of visiting your profiles.

Every time that I am about to open my bitLander account, the first thing that my eyes usually check is my total Buzz Score. This time, I got disappointed that my "+29" suddenly dropped to only "+10". This gives me now a "74+10" Buzz Score.

I did my research first from the FAQ Section and here's what I had found:

Unfortunately, none from the FAQ Section had satisfied me a good answer. It's just basically telling that the changes on your Buzz Scores depends on your consistency as an active member of the community (which affects the increase or decrease of your Buzz Score).

I am an active member, I've been consistently updating my profiles and buzzing various people's profiles then why does my Buzz Score still goes down?

I did some further research and I came across this post, "Bitlanders Tips and Tricks (Part 8)". This post explains the reason why you did a lot of buzzes on your subscribers or followers but instead of increasing your Buzz Score, it went down. According to this post, doing a lot of excessive buzzing on your subscribers or followers posts can cause your Buzz Scores to go down because it is against the TOS (Terms and Conditions) of Bitlanders. Thus, you should only Buzz the post of your followers and subscribers from your HOME page. If you have to Buzz on your subscribers and followers on their individual posts, it is important that "You should not buzz their posts more than 20 times".

Although, I really don't know if the above rule still applies today because I heard that BitLanders had recently made some several changes.

Still I am being puzzled by the decrease of my Buzz Score. It's because I never did any excessive buzzing to anyone. I actually limit my buzzes to only 3 to 5 posts (each on the Videos, Blog, Micro Blogs and Gallery) on each profile account.

As I inspected my profile, I think that I finally found the culprit. It's this guy:

He posted the word "BUZZED" (repeatedly) all over my contents which is clearly an act of spamming. This must have alerted the system to get me penalized for not taking action against this spammer.

In fact one of my subscriber even got annoyed by him:

He even did a lot of double-posting like this:

In my own opinion, it is our duty and not Bitlanders' staffs to prevent spammers from spamming our profiles. Probably sometime in the future, Bitlanders might provide us a button that allows every users to report spammers. But right now, all we can do is to delete their posts like this (simply click on the "x" at the upper-right corner of the posted message):

Overall, keep and maintain your profile clean against spams.

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