Bidvertiser Affiliate or Referral Program Report And My Affiliate Earnings

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Bidvertiser is one of the top advertising agency now a days and mostly used by bloggers and affiliate marketers.  I have seen almost every blogger who got sued by google adsense are racing towards bidvertiser.


 Their pay per click rates may not go near the sky, but their trustness reached there and won the hearts of Internet marketing people. From the last few years they emerged as the new power of web world by consistently paying publishers and giving the exact traffic to the advertisers.

Bidvertiser Review :

 In this article I am not going to discuss all about bidvertiser , but only their affiliate program.

Bidvertiser has a great affiliate or referral program through which you can earn handful of money. Though it is very hard to get the referrals who earn you money, wise thinking can make you a few hundred dollars every month. All you need is get people to join bidvertiser through your affiliate link and make money while you sleep. It may seem easy to think, but once you get started you’ll realize how hard it is. I am again saying, correct marketing strategy can win you all over here where other people are failing. When I first started to refer bloggers to bidvertiser, I never made a single cent, and all I was known is to wait. After a month of referring nine people, I got my first ever $10 affiliate commissions from this company. Yes, we won’t make money overnight, and should wait until our referrals reach the minimum criteria set by bidvertiser.  Just turn down at the below paragraph to learn more about bidvertiser affiliate program.

Referring A Publisher

There are many people starting blogs every day, and everything they know is that they can make money from google adsense as a publisher. Unfortunately , It is very harder to get google adsense approval for a new blogger and he must find an alternative.  I lost my adsense account for being accused of invalid click activity and from then I am a big fan of Bidvertiser, so I feel it’s better to stick with it.

Anyway, If you refer a publisher or blogger to bidvertiser, you’ll earn $10 once that referral reach the same amount in his account. That means he must earn $10 to let bidvertiser reward you the referral commission. And when his earnings goes past $50, bidvertiser will credit an extra $40 to your account. So, you can earn $50 for referring a single person, but not all your referrals will make you money. For me, referring  15 bloggers made a smart amount of $60 so far.

Referring  An Advertiser

There are many advertisers out there to get traffic to their sales pages, and they are willing to pay more for that. As per my concern, advertising in google adwords is too costly compared to any other ad agencies in the Internet. SO, why not you drive a few advertisers to bidvertiser and make passive income from them.

Bidvertiser will pay you $5 when your referral first spends $10 as an advertiser, and you’ll get an additional $20 once the same referral spends $50. It would be harder to get such referrals, but if you joggle your affiliate link at the right place , you can make that count for you.


My Affiliate Earnings At Bidvertiser

Till today my total income at Bidvertiser as a referrer is only $60, but I am sure I can double that amount by the end of this month. I referred around some 15 people to bidvertiser, however, only two of them converted into passive income. One of the two earned $50 for me and the other guy is nearing to that mark.

bidvertiser affiliate programe reportbidvertser referral program report

bidvertiser affiliate program report
My Bidvertiser Affiliate Program Earning Report

 This is everything I know about Bidvertiser affiliate program and my income report till date.

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