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 BIG HERO 6 is a masterpiece of animated movies. Now a days, in the race of 3D computer animations, this film has proved itself as one of ever best picture created till date. This is a first kind of superhero film in Walt Disney Animated Classic series and also the First ever 3D animated movie winning Academy Awards or OSCARS, the characters of this movie were taken from Marvel Comics Superhero team. I am excited to write about this movie because I loved the animation and story of this movie. The whole film has been summarized in an efficient style. Things look very real and smooth as the movie starts and it remains same till the end of the film. One who starts watching this movie cannot move away till he reached at the end. Such a good story which can holds its viewer till its finishing. I had this experience with myself, I suggested this movie to all of my friends.

Direction & Production:

This great picture has been directed by Don Hall and Chris Williams. They have done a real good work to display an amazing superhero story of young boy.

Release:   This movies was released on October 23rd 2014 at Tokyo International Film Festival and November 7th 2014 at United States

Genre:       Science Fictions, Mission, Comedy,


Cast & Characters of the Movie:

 As I pointed out that characters of this movie were taken from the Marvel Comics Superhero team. In this kind of animated movie those characters are displayed in a new animated style. There are six main character in this movie and two of them are very obvious and important. Like HIRO and BAYMAX. The others are Wasabi, Honey Lemon, Go Go Tomago and Fred.  







Hero Hamada is the younger brother of Tadashi Hamada. Hiro loves robot fighting and also wants to create a unique robot which can be capable of doing almost everything at any time. So, for this purpose he has created Microbots which are capable of transforming itself into anything at any time. Those microbots can be controlled by brain with a device. In this movie, Hiro’s Microbots are very prominent are the core part of the story of the film. All movie revolves round about these microbots. I will discuss about microbots later in this blog.




Hiro's Microbots in a Robot style


Who is BAYMAX?

Hiro’s elder brother Tadashi created “Baymax (A medial assistant)” which is an inflatable Robot whose sole purpose is to help human beings and to solve their problems. He struggled hard to create such a wonderful thing which can prove a handy one for everyone. In beginning Tadashi faced many difficulties in programming Baymax but he never gave up on unique robot. Finally, he was successful in his mission and he became so much excited that his happiness was undefinable.

For me the best character of the movie is surely Baymax. Robots are being made and used in many films but uniqueness of this robot is just admiring. For example Baymax gets activated automatically when a disturbing sound is heard or someone in trouble. Baymax works just like a doctor because he wants to cure and help anyone in trouble or pain. After activating itself this loving and caring robot says a very sweet sentence in a very attentive style “ Hey, I’m Baymax your personal healthcare companion” by saying this he asks for giving some help according to the situation. As Baymax was made by Tadashi for the caring and helping of Hiro so Baymax always pays full attention toward Hiro.




Other characters of the movie:

1.     WASABI 

2.     GOGO

3.     Honey Lemon

4.     Fred




Beginning of Film:

Hiro Hamada who is young boy of 14 years, after completing his graduation spends his time in bot fighting for his outcome. In the beginning we find Hiro playing a bot fight and hence betting on it with his microbots. He beats Yama a giant bot with his tiny microbots and hence the owner of Yama does not pay him his bet, instead he wanted to teach a lesson to Hiro for his courage and also his extraordinary fight. But during the meantime his older brother Tadashi comes and escape him on his bike. On the way Tadashi asked Hiro that Bot fighting is illegal so do not do this next time. But Hiro being smart replied to Tadashi that “Bot fighting is not illegal, but betting on bot fighting is illegal’.


Robot Fight of Hiro's Microbot 

Source: Youtube


On reaching home they both met with their aunt Cass who brought up them after their parents. As Hiro wants to do something new about robots so Tadashi takes him to his university in Robotics centre and there he first time meets with GOGO, Wasabi, Honey Lemon and Fred and most importantly with Baymax at a Lab called Nerd.

On the enrollment of Hiro at university robotics Centre he signs up for the science fair at university and on that he displays his microbots in a unique and impressive style that everyone including Prof. Callaghan Principal of university was impressed by microbots. Microbots can be controlled by just thinking anything hence can take any shape of anything by just imagination. Callaghan the head of university robotics program and hence he granted admission to Hiro. During the meantime an Entrepreneur Mr. Alastair who is the President of Krei Tech. demands to Hiro to sell those microbots to him. But Hiro declines to sell those to Krei.


Hiro with his brother Tadashi at Nerb Lab in university



Death of Tadashi and Prof. Callaghan:

After the finishing of science fair at university Hiro and Tadashi come back and find that the building was on fire, so for escaping Callaghan Tadashi rushes towards the Centre and just after his entrance in the centre there was a huge blast and both Tadashi and Callaghan was supposed to be dead. This was very heart breaking incidence for Hiro who felt this badly and was not able to go to university. He just stayed at home and after the week of that incidence when Hiro was in his room, he tried to lift from bed and fell down. On his falling to ground a sound wave created and Baymax gets activated for the help of Hiro. On watching Baymax, Hiro was surprised. But Baymax was created by Tadashi to help his brother so this loving robot comes to Hiro and check him for his pain. Hiro denies to take help but Baymax did not leave him. While their talking the only remaining mircobot of Hiro moves in a way. Baymax tells Hiro that your microbots wants to go somewhere else. So they both followed the microbot to a warehouse, where they found that someone was producing many microbots and they were attacked by a man wearing a Kabuki mask. On escaping from the man in mask, Hiro comes back to home and then he loaded Baymax with an armor and a new battle chip containing many fighting moves like Karate and running jumping etc.


Villain in Kabuki Mask



To find about the microbots once again Hiro and Baymax tracked the masked man and on finding him they were again attacked by Mask man and as GOGO, Wasabi, Honey Lemon and Fred were also finding Hiro so reached the place and whole group was attacked by man hidden in Kabuki mask. Luckily, they all were able to escape and they took shelter in the house of Fred. In the Fred house, Hiro was again thinking of man in mask. So he came up an idea to equip themselves all in superhero mode. He went back to his work and started coding and making armor for his friends. Hence a superhero team was developed by HIRO to combat the villain.

 Revealing of Villain in KABUKI MASK:

After creating his superhero team Hiro once again tracked the man in Mask and during the fight he was able to remove the mask of villain and Hiro then found that it was Prof. Callaghan who was controlling microbots. But somehow during the fight, Baymax became out of control due to battle chip installed by Hiro. Callaghan took advantage of the situation and ran away from the spot. Honey Lemon the removed the battle chip to control Baymax who has become violent.

As Hiro was keen to know about the reality behind the death of his brother Tadashi and about his microbots, so he flew with Baymax to trace the Kabuki man. Reaching a place Hiro asks Baymax to scan the city and find the target. The loving robot does scan and he spotted a location where a match was found. Hiro with his team reached at the location and there they found that it was krei Tech Laboratory for Teleportation. They initiated the computer and a video recording was played in which Hiro found the truth behind the all game. He found that it is a revenge game and Prof. Callaghan is taking revenge from Mr. Krei for killing her girl Abigail in an experiment of teleportation. Prof. Callaghan thinks that Krei is responsible for the death of her daughter. 

Final Fight with man in Kabuki Mask and his defeat by HIRO's Team:

Mr. Callaghan then attacks at Krei tech. on an event with his microbots to destroy all the things. But then Hiro comes with his six hero team to fight back with the Callaghan and this robots. Some how Hiro was able to beat the Callaghan by removing his Kabuki mask with the help of Baymax. But Mr. Callaghan has initiated a Transportation system which was unstoppable and was drawing everything into it. So Hiro tried to shut it down but during that meantime Baymax found with his scanner that a living thing is still alive inside the transportation system. So she must be Agail. For rescuing her Hiro & Baymax goes into it and then they both found that Agail was still alive but was in a deep sleep. They rescued her and while coming back to exit from the system. Baymax was struck by a huge debris which destroyed baymax armor suit and he was not able to fly anymore. As now there was no way out for Hiro and Agail with Baymax so at that time Baymax asked Hiro I have one option to throw you out from here with my Power of Hand that can produce power to push something. Hiro said to Baymax that he cannot lose him but Baymax replied there is no way so I cannot go with you. In the end, this scene became so heart touching and I was not able to control while watching it my eyes come up fill with tears. But Baymax was able to rescue Hiro and Agail.


 Last fight of Big Hero 6 team with Callaghan (man in kabuki mask)

 Source: Youtube


My Personal Comments about Movie:

This movie is just amazing with moral lesson. Through robots the director and writer has given a nice lesson to viewers about natural love relations. Even a robot like Baymax has feelings and he feels pain for others. This movie told me that we should always help others in their bad times. This movie has given motivation to not give up your mission until you reach destination. A small boy who is crazy about robots finally creates such an amazing combination of microbots who can build itself into anything else. So, everyone should struggle hard to make his dream come true as Hiro does. 

This movie being a cartoonist is not only for children but this is for everyone. I hope everyone can enjoy watching such lovely film. Every scene of the movie is amazing. There are many heart touching scenes. Baymax love for Hiro and then in the end of the movie Hiro's tears for Baymax. All in all this movie forced me to write on it. And once again I suggest all of you that must watch this masterpiece.

 Awards won by Big Hero 6:

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I hope you enjoyed it.

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