Birth control

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Birth control

Also see contraception family planning birth control is what a couple does when they avoid having unwanted babies. They can do this by not having sexual intercourse (abstinence) or by using one of the various methods of contraception body odors when someone smells unpleasant. Usually like stale sweat. it is called body odors .


Zara: one of my friends always smells of sweat. Should I tell him? You could try to raise it with him and suggest that he washes more regularly and perhaps use deodorant. However, you have to treat it sensitively. Because you might offered you boyfriend. you could try making a joke about it for example by saying .so and so smell s terrible .he should really use deodorant .of your boyfriend doesn’t take the hint you will to talk to him about openly boyfriend also see faithfulness commitment . Dating a boyfriend can be described as a girl or woman’s usual or favorite companion.

Zora : when can I call someone my boyfriend ? when there is a warm feeling of love and affecting and loyalty between a boy and a girl and neither of them have intimate physical contact with any other boy or girl the relationship is that of a boyfriend and girlfriend .a boyfriend is a man with whom you can share your worries joys and fears .

it is usually a good thing if your parents  know your boyfriend .as this may help to ensure that he wont take advantage of you or force you to do anything you are not ready for like getting involved in a relationship. 

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