bitCharities Introduces Micro Donations Starting at 10 Satoshis

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The Charity platform now accepts micro donations starting from 10 satoshis. bitLanders also decided that, for any 10 satoshi reward given to its members for fulfilling selected tasks or getting a new subscriber, it will donate the same amount to charities.

On bitLanders, when a user fulfills a selected list of tasks or get a new subscriber, they receive 10 satoshis. bitLanders will match those with a 10 satoshi donation to the charities listed on

The charities will receive the donation proportionally to their BuzzScore, so the more active a non-profit is on bitLanders, the more it will receive.

Our goal is to encourage micro-donations to motivate millions of people to participate in a good cause and learn more from those charities. We'll soon open this concept to other brands so they can become a sponsor for those charities by adding their contribution and match donations as well.

Start participating by donating your Bitcoin at If you run a non-profit and would like to join the other charities on BitCharities and open your donations to Bitcoin, contact us at

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