BITCOIN-A universal carrency?

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Time have changed a lot.Who knew dollars,pounds,rupees etc.In the ancient times,,?There were simple ways of exchange.Then there was barter system.After that metal coins.Came in use.Then the chinees invented paper.Currency notes replaced the other means of exchange.

But with the advent of information technology every thing has changed dramatically.The use of it in every field shows its importance.Now the question is,whether there will also be a universal currency in future?The answer,in my opinion,is prbably ''yes''

I am not an expert of economics.I have little knowledge about international trade and commerce.I also admit my ignorance in money matters but by looking at how the world has progressed with the introduction of I.T,I think there are all the chances of a universal currency in the future.

May be it is''Bitcoin'.How successfully your website has managed it is simply amazing.The users and bloggers of your website are now at ease with bitcoin.

The future world will be a digital world and a digital world will need a digital currency and the best choice,in my opinion,will be the''bitcoin''






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