Bitlander earning Tips - step by step

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Bitlander Earning Tips Step by step : 

1. Create a Avatar & Update a Cover Photo (HD)

2. Follow people More You Can .
   *First make a Goal ===> Daily FOLLOW 250+
    *when you Follow them , You create a Micro-blog On his/her wall (expl- some good quotes & Friendship Promises)
    *Follow at least 6000 person
3. Why you need to Follow people?? answer : Because of If you Follow people more , you will also Followed by People More ..
4. You have to cross 5000 subscriber for earning More MONEY from Bilander.
5. Upload Many Albums ( Try to upload your own Photos )
 *Must care do not upload Any photos which photos carry  Signatures or Company/website name
 * Upload Photos High Defination . 
* every album must be Unique and very much attractive for your Subscriber 
6. Videos should be funny or Good lessons for people who have to watch

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