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I continue the epic ALIEN saga, and this time, I want to greet the movie ALIEN 3, created in 1992. This is the third film about mysterious creatures from the cosmos who love to kill humans. And it again involves synthetic human, Android, who is humans' helper. I think, after writing reviews of all Aliens sequels, I will write a separate blog about all Androids involved in this franchise. 

This movie is destined to remain the most controversial part of the Alien franchise forever and was even before it appeared in cinema. David Fincher's debut resembles a dirty industrial hell that could only have occurred in the early 1990s. Of course, the special effects here are really disappointing, but Sigourney Weaver's performance in this part is flawless.

Alien3 is a grimly seductive end-of-the-world thriller, with pop-tragic overtones that build in resonance as the movie goes on. 

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Creating ALIEN 3 had many problems and difficulties, ranging from repeated alterations of the script - including writing a heap of new options and ending with choosing a film director. Additional trouble was the fact that Sigourney Weaver flatly refused to take part in the new project, referring to employment and lack of interest in the epic's continuation about aliens.

When, ultimately, the choice of the film company fell on David Fincher, 20th Century-Fox hoped to completely control the director during the filming of ALIEN 3. Surprisingly, it was an almost random choice that later turned out absolutely advantageous for everyone - the film ALIEN 3, filmed in 1992, became one of the best Alien films, entered the classics of the genre and is a truly amazing movie.

As for David Fincher, it was from this film that he began his big road to the cinema.


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The Plot

In the second part, Sigourney Weaver with a girl and Android fell asleep in cryogenic sleep in the vacuum and successfully falls into a mysterious planet. Landing is tough, and of the three passengers who survived the massacre of Aliens 2, only Lieutenant Ripley survives (Sigourney Weaver).

Moreover, the planet turns out to be not just a planet that is just so-so, but a closed correctional labor prison with a strict regime for criminals who do not and cannot have a way back to the free world. There live the most horrible earth men: rapists, pedophiles, murderers, etc., who have their own rules in their jail and the awakening woman induced the dirtiest dreams of men.

The only normal person here is Dr. Clemens (Charles Dance), who is nursing Ripley and very soon becomes her friend. Now imagine that a woman gets into a closed place where there are more than a hundred men. But we have a film about xenomorphs. 

Ripley has no illusions about aliens for a long time. She was repeatedly convinced of their almost infinite resourcefulness, survival, adaptability and perfection as a predator. Of course, one such guest turns out to be alive and begins to hunt for everything that breathes. Quite quickly, it turns into a giant, toothed monster and begins to slaughter.

Dozens of unarmed prisoners become his victims. Blood sprays fountains, pieces of human meat go in all directions. And it seems that no one will be able to stop this machine of death, except for the bold Ripply who however is not an immortal woman.


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 The Content

ALIEN 3 (1992) is an absolutely brilliant film. It is gloomy, intellectual. It is frightening and bringing depressing hopelessness of what is happening. And it all lasts, lasts, lasts. And then it gets worse. And death breathes in your head. And when it nevertheless overtakes you, it becomes simply frankly awful. And then you realize very clearly that you have no other choice.

The film is filled with psychologism, ambiguity, subtle allusions, conversations, and other intellectual rubbish that is not fully diluted by the active actions of the characters. That is why it is not very adequately perceived by ordinary viewers.

But it’s just amazing how the director who makes the first full-length film has managed to shoot something that goes so far beyond the plane of the average movie level, especially the fantastic movie. Not to mention that the death of the main character in a fantasy action movie or a fantasy horror movie is a difficult thing to imagine.


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And it is precisely how it differs from another best Alien franchise film - Alien (the first epic film), where, unexpectedly for the director Ridley Scott himself, he succeeded to combine different levels.

The tension increases and there a significant role plays the place of the action. Get familiar with Fiorina 161 - the most suitable place for criminals. On God’s forgotten planet, a handful of sinners built their own wretched little world. Christian cult on the verge of good and evil with a local spiritual leader.

Half-prison semi-monastery, where the unfortunate believe and work. They work and believe that one day God will visit Fiorina and save their souls. But God does not come, but a demon in the form of an alien. However, to destroy their harmony, it was enough just Ripley. Repentance was imaginary, and sinful thoughts are quite real.


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David Fincher followed J. Cameron's path. He refused to shoot horror and action. He completely changed the concept of the picture and turned the screen action into a real thriller. It is hard, devastating, and gloomy.

The action itself develops very monotonously and slowly. It greatly affected the quality of the tape itself and its dynamics. We can safely say that the plot is completely different.

In the last scene of ALIEN 3, when corporation troops arrive for Ripley, we again see Bishop, but this time he claims that he is the man who created the Android with his face. However, Ripley does not want to believe him. Aaron injured Bishop, but a corporation soldier kills him. Bishop shows bloody hand to Ripley as proof that he is human (Androids have no blood but white liquid, like milk, which is a kind of machine oil for Android), but Ripley does not believe him.


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The Characters 

Always a key figure in the tapes about Aliens was Ripley and Xenomorph himself. They were given more time and attention. Along the way, their very complex personalities revealed. But in this film, the ranks of the characters changed. The main characters multiplied in quantity, and each of them managed to convey to the audience his drama. From which, a constant series of philosophical and religious reflections are quite proper here. It would seem all is well, but the characters are very similar to each other. Actually, even not quite interesting. Maybe only Dr. Clemens worth bigger attention.

It was categorically a pity to learn that Corporal Hicks and the little girl Newt were dead, and Android Bishop was no longer functioning. After all, these characters are so much remembered in the second film. Although the audience still has to see Bishop. I really liked that the Android appeared in the story. And in the most unexpected way. Well, life goes on, and Android will be reanimated.

Android first appeared in the Aliens film. It is an officer on a spacecraft. The first time, when Ripley learned that Bishop is Android, she met him very cold. Her experience with Android Ash (in Alien) was not very pleasant. But after Bishop saved Ridley and girl, the hostility disappeared.


Android Bishop in Alien 3 - Photo credit: twitter

In ALIEN 3 during an emergency landing on Fiorina planet, Android Bishop breaks to pieces. Since it is impossible to repair Android on this planet, the remains of Bishop is thrown to trash. Later Ripley collects all pieces and connects Android to the spacecraft's black box. Bishop reproduces all the data from which she learns something valuable. Android asks her to leave him, and Ripley obeys. We don't know what happened with Bishop later as it is not shown.

Sigourney Weaver, who has a shorter and shorter haircut with each new part, pleased with her appearance at the time in the trilogy, and further revealed her character. Ripley's character has evolved again. The presence of the bed scene only showed that Ripley did not turn into a fighting machine. She remains a woman who needs love. And her actions in the last are quite obvious.

The two earlier films carried the viewer to her inner breakdown, which was completely poured out here. All madness started with her. It should have ended on her. The film would be the perfect ending to the story of the Aliens. But alas, the potential is lost in vain.


Science fiction film ALIEN 3  - Photo credit: thegolfclub

Two Charles - S. Dutton and Dance - were her company. The first was just the head of devout convicts, and the second was a doctor in this prison. With each of them, Ripley has her own story, and these heroes will really draw attention to themselves.

Clemens is intelligent, often bilious, but in this underworld - among people who have never had or have long lost their human appearance, he is, in fact, the only living being who can rightfully be called a human being.

The assistant of the prison head Aaron (Ralph Brown) is a colorful personage. The head of the prison Andrews (Brian Glover) who survived just a few minutes longer Clemens, despised by him (Charles Dance) is also colorful.

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The Actors 

The magnificent works of the actors are clearly seen in the background of the reliably recreated oppressive atmosphere of despair and moral devastation.

Each actor has the best role, which is a kind of synonym for the name of the artist. Certainly, such a role for Weaver became the role of Ripley. She easily reflects on the screen all the complexity and depth of her character. Her performance makes Ripley really lively and interesting both in action and in weakness.

Sigourney Weaver in the role of Ripley unfolds the full power of her acting talent. Endless close-up shooting gives her the opportunity to show a high level of craftsmanship. And it’s literally impossible to take your eyes off her face throughout the entire film.

What the great scenes when Ripley decides to kill herself. And then that moment when she was waiting for a mortal blow from Dillon (Charles Stanley Dutton). Or - when Android Bishop's source (Lance Henriksen) promises her life without the alien, and Ripley realizes that no matter how sweet the lie is, but it's still a lie, and she still has no choice except how to step into the abyss where the molten metal and death is waiting for her.


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Look into Ripley's face again. Get into her skin if you haven't done it before. And even if you consider yourself as a plain viewer, you are provided with a couple of seconds of catharsis for sure.

Also very good is the English actor Charles Dans in the role of the doctor Clemens. He is just great. He got an unusually interesting and vivid character, whom he brought to the viewer no less bright and interesting. The same close-ups, the same magnificent play of the actor on halftones and the expression of eyes, the same high-level acting skills. Perhaps he is the only character for which I felt sorry.

Charles S. Dutton is very good. Dillon’s character embodied by him is simply magnificent. A simple character, but it has some rich content.

It was nice to see again on the screen Lens Henrikson, who again played the role of the Android Bishop.

The whole cast of actors was chosen greatly, for which David Fincher is undoubtedly worth praises.


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The Technical Side

By atmosphere, the film seems closer to the first Alien film. But if the feeling of tension and disgust in the first tape was tied with emptiness and a certain gravity of the tape, then there is something completely different. The film rejects and strains by its visual range. There is a lot of unpleasant scenes. And visually, the film equals these scenes.

In this film, the graphics were stronger and more often than in earlier films, but it was still not at such a good level.

But the camera work is worth praise because it was very interesting to see via the eyes of alien how he moves.

With the concept's change, the composer has taken similar actions. Elliot Goldenthal created a completely new and original creation. Horner largely continued the ideas of Jerry Goldsmith from the original tape. But E. Goldenthal completely changed the music and created something unique, strong and very effective. It causes a truly devastating feeling, tension, and heaviness when it sounded. With all that, the music is developing very dynamically and impressively. Without distracting the viewer's attention too much, it perfectly complemented each episode. In the end, the music was very tragic.

ALIEN 3, Ripley's Sacrifice - Video credit: youtube

The first two tapes set a very high bar for visual effects. They are still really impressive. What we cannot say about the visual effects of this tape. But the brutality of visual effects hurts the eyes. Including the rough animation of the Alien, which is more animated here. When in the first two tapes, they were actors in costumes and animatronics. Although I liked the animatronics model of Android Bishop.

On A Final Note 

The battle for survival with an alien was interesting. No mothers, no cocoons or eggs, only one stranger who is trying to survive on another planet.

The most irregular and specific part of all quadrature. Strong, atmospheric, hard and high quality. But the drawbacks are pulling the film down. As a result, not everyone will appreciate the film. Actually, for this, watch a movie or not is the case of your choice.

After watching, I thought it was a worthy end. Apogee, so to speak. The crown of the entire story started more than 50 years ago with a signal for help from an unknown planet. But no. In pursuit of money (I can’t explain it differently), the producers decided to create the fourth film!


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And now I just want to point out that David Fincher’s film ALIEN 3 came out like a fascinating and magnificent finale for the entire story. Personally, I liked it

 Bold and haunting. 

Credit: rottentomatoes

My rating: 7.0/10
Rotten Tomatoes: 42/100
Metacritic: 59/100
Critics average: 47/100
IMDb: 6.4/10

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