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Bitlanders is a social media in which the User can post some catchy posts like sharing the video,sharing the important information with others and creating the Galleries.We can not only share but also see the other User's post.It is a kind of an opportunity for the talented people to share the creativity with other people.It is a kind of Platform for the independent directors,Filmmakers and graphic designers.

Cricket Fever with Respect to Bitlanders

Cricket is the second best game after Football played around the World.It is the Game of Bat and Ball played by the 11 players in each team.Played in the filed with the Rectangular 22 yard piece of Land covered with the Grass some times but mostly Less grass on it.Bitlanders is trying its but to involve in any of the Event to celebrate with its Users around the world.Whether it is an Event of Christmas#Givingtuesday (The day of Giving),Judo,Football World Cup or Happy New Year.They always celebrate with its Users around the Globe by making Special Offers and Relaxation Procedures.


Cricket World Cup Event 2016 in India

Bitlanders is celebrating the Event of Cricket this purpose,bitlanders introduced the Trousers and different costumes with helmets the teams which are taking part in the this world cup which is going to be held in India from 3rd of March to April 2016.It is a limited over cricket and according to ICC top 8 teams will qualify for the world Cup.There is the Log of T20 World Cup Log for 2016.

Teams taking part in world Cup 2016 with respect to Bitlanders

1) Pakistan

2) India

3) Sri Lanka

4) West Indies

5) Bangladesh

6) Ireland

7) Australia

8) New Zealand

9) Zimbabwe

10) South Africa

11) Netherlands

12) Hong Kong 

13) Oman 

14) United Arab Emirates

15) Scotland

16) Afghanistan

Pakistan Super League ( PSL )

Pakistan Super League is a Professional Twenty Twenty cricket League based on 5 composed teams with each team playing 8 games.The PSL is just about to start 4th Of February.The best of the 4 Teams will qualify for the next season.PSL is a single entity in which each team is owned and controlled by League Investors.The Event venue is United Arab Emirates for this season of Pakistan Super League.

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There are 5 teams taking part in this season.Here is the detail of all teams and with Logos and according to Bitlanders which is supporting the big Event like t20 world Cup 2016 and Pakistan Super League.

1) Karachi Kings

Sindh is the Province of Pakistan.This is the Pakistani Professional T20 Team that will compete in Pakistan Super League.The Team was formed in 2015.It is owned by the ARY Media Group operates in different channels.Here is the Logo of  Karachi Kings.

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Bitlanders supporting event costume of Karachi Kings

2) Lahore Qalandars

Lahore is the Province of Punjab and there is professional cricket team for Pakistan Super League named as Lahore Qalandars representing the Lahore City.Team is owned by Qatar Lubricants and the captain of the team is Azhar Ali

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Bitlanders supporting costume of Lahore Qalandars

3) Islamabad United

Islamabad United is the Professional Pakistan Super League Team.The team Franchise is Owned by Leonine Global Investment.The Team is Captained by the best cricket master Misbah-ul-Haq.This is Looking the best Team so far in this League.The name of the Team is based on the Capital of Pakistan formed in 2015 to compete in the first Season of PSL.Here is the Logo of the Team as Under.

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4)Peshawar Zalmi

Peshawar is the Province of Khyber Pakhtoon Khah.The Peshawar Zalmi is representing Peshawar and will compete as a team in This season of Pakistan Super League.The team is Owned by Javaid Afridi The CEO of Haier Pakistan.The captain of the team is Shahid Afridi.

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 Bitlanders supporting costume of Peshawar Zalmi

5) Quetta Galadiators

Quetta Galadiators is Owned by Omar Associates and the Team Captain is Sarfraz Ahmed.Quetta is the Province of Balochistan.The team is Formed as the result of Pakistan Super League.

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Bitlanders Supporting costume of Quetta Galadiators

Exposure of the Tournament 

In the month of September 2015, PCB officially announced about the Pakistan Super League.The two Pakistani Former Players Wasim Akram and Rameez Raja are announced as the Brand Ambassadors for the Next three Years.The Board has officially announced for PSL its Venue which is United Arab Emirates held on 4 February 2016 this year.For this Season of Pakistan Super League there are 5 teams to compete but it is expected with the expansion of next season of this beautiful event the teams will also expand from 5 to 10 Possibly.

Official Anthem

Official anthem of Pakistan Super League was Launched in 20th September 2015 and the Song is sung by the great talent of Pakistan actor and Singer Ali Zafer the name of the anthem is Ab Khel Ke Dhikha.The Logo was revealed 3Di.

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