BitLanders C-Blogging: AI - a friend or an enemy?

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This is my second C-Blog about artificial intelligence, it is entitled "BitLanders C-Blogging: AI - a friend or an enemy?"

My previous works are "BitLanders C-Blogging: Amazing facts about AI," "BitLanders C-Blogging: Little-known facts about Stephen Hawking," and "BitLanders C-Blogging: Inspiring facts about Mark Zuckerberg."

Artificial Intelligence is a topic that has not left the pages of popular science magazines for a long time and is being constantly touched on in movies and books. The more experts develop this area of science, the more myths it covers.

As with any transformative trend, the emergence of artificial intelligence creates both great opportunities and serious problems. But perhaps the most important is not the risks that are most often spoken of.

Anyone who penetrates even a little into the essence of the potential of artificial intelligence understands that this theme cannot be ignored. This is not only an important topic for discussion but also, probably, one of the most significant in the context of the future.

The relevance of this topic is the importance of the development of artificial intelligence technology for such progressive branches of science as robotics, cybernetics, and for faster, convenient access to world information resources. Moreover, artificial intelligence is necessary for the development of social services and for the conduct of cyberwar.

In addition to enthusiasts who dream about the future with artificial intelligence, there are also skeptics who believe that this technology brings only disadvantages.

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