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"Bitlanders C-Blogging: artificial intelligence and entertainment" is my new C-Blog in the framework of "bitLanders C-Blogging," a project dedicated to artificial intelligence.

My previous works are: "BitLanders C-Blogging: Future of artificial intelligence," "BitLanders C-Blogging: Main ethical problems of artificial intelligence," and "Human rights in the era of artificial intelligence."

Recently, it has been heard about such a phenomenon as artificial intelligence. Computers have learned to beat people in the hardest game named Go, make diagnoses in one of the American clinics and replace people's faces in videos. Some people are already worried that robots will soon take their work. But let us talk about how AI can entertain us.

Have you read the 8th book about Harry Potter? No? Perhaps this is because J.K. Rowling did not write it. But the author of another neural network forced the computer to write a whole book. Enjoying it, of course, is impossible: the plot is not thought out very well. But sentences are mostly grammatically correct, and the absurdity of situations makes one laugh.

Neural networks can process not only texts. Ostagram application combines 2 photos, allowing to attach the style of your favorite artist to anything.

And the site named "Colorize it" can help you make a very nice gift to your grandmother. It takes a black and white photo and automatically paints it. It turns out not very bright and with the effect of an old photo, but very impressive!

You can test your drawing skills on the Quick, Draw! website. You will receive a magnificent task like “Draw Mona Lisa in 20 seconds,” after which the neural network will guess your attempts.

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