BitLanders C-Blogging: Artificial intelligence and our future

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"BitLanders C-Blogging: Artificial intelligence and our future" is my new C-Blog for "bitLanders C-Blogging" project.  My previous blogs are: "BitLanders C-Blogging: Future of artificial intelligence," "BitLanders C-Blogging: Main ethical problems of artificial intelligence," and "Human rights in the era of artificial intelligence."

By 2020, artificial intelligence technologies will be introduced into most software products. The process of automating and introducing digital technologies is a natural step forward. When the first sewing machines appeared, many tailors became unemployed. The same parallel can be drawn now with the integration of artificial intelligence, which is being created and improved with only one purpose: to simplify and facilitate human life.

Many people do not realize that it will be very hard for them to imagine their lives without artificial intelligence. Their lives would be absolutely different. That is why our future is impossible without artificial intelligence.

Everyone is used to the prediction that the number of workers will decrease. In Tokyo, a self-driving taxi has been successfully launched. As for now, it has only a limited route, but in fact, this is true for any technology. 

But will artificial intelligence supplant only working specialties? The administrative apparatus will be reduced as well. They will be forced out by those who manage to enter into a symbiosis with artificial intelligence.

Researching on the topic, I was surprised to know how artificial intelligence affects our future. Its impact is sometimes not very obvious. Feel free to check out the most interesting information I have found in the Querlo chat below.


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