Bitlanders C-Blogging: Negative impact of artificial intelligence

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"Negative impact of artificial intelligence" is my new C-Blog as a part of my contribution to "bitLanders C-Blogging," an AI-inspired project.

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Is the creation of humanoid machines right with an ethical point of view? Will our moral values allow to recreate intelligence? Indeed, intelligence is a gift of nature. Installing it in a machine to make it work for our benefit is incorrect.

If robots start replacing a person in every field of activity, this can lead to unemployment. People will simply be left with nothing. In addition, due to a decrease in the need to use our intelligence, thinking outside the box, multitasking, and mental human abilities can be reduced.

With the help of diverse technology, a person will no longer need to use his thinking, and he will gradually become stupid, fully dependent on machines.

If used in the wrong way, combat robots will cause destruction, as machines do not think before doing. Besides, there is a fear that robots will replace people. Ideally, people should remain masters of machines, but if no, the world will turn into chaos.

Artificial intelligence can enslave us and begin to rule the world. People should remember that AI has certain advantages, but it also has limitations. All risks must be carefully weighed before using AI to help people.


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