BitLanders C-Blogging: US Army relies on artificial intelligence

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This is my new blog in the framework of AI-themed bitLanders C-Blogging. It is entitled "BitLanders C-Blogging: US Army relies on artificial intelligence."
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There is so much talk and writing about artificial intelligence, that it starts to seem like it has been created a long time ago and is present everywhere. In fact, it is not. The development of artificial intelligence becomes the task of ensuring national security. The United States, China, and Russia seek to take a leading position in the study of artificial intelligence and its use for the development of cyberweapons and autonomous types of weapons that can be used both to monitor the enemy and to attack.

The United States introduces artificial intelligence into its weapons systems, particularly, air defense and missile defense systems. The use of artificial intelligence in modern weapons is extremely important. Efforts in the field of creating artificial intelligence have been made for a long time. It is expected that necessary restrictions will be imposed on artificial intelligence to keep it under control.

I have found out how the US army relies on artificial intelligence. Feel free to join the Querlo chat below to read the main selections from my research. Reply to my words choosing among the given replicas, please.


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AI takes humans to another level of development. It is important to control the implementation of artificial intelligence in the army, as it unleashes incredible power. BitLanders C-Blogging promotes social awareness in its AI-based C-Blogs. To participate in this educational project, read the guidelines in Micky-The-Slanted-Salerno's posts here and then create a Querlo chat at The process of creation is exciting and fun.

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