BitLanders C-Blogging: What you should know about Chatbot Assistant

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Image credit: Screenshot of Querlo team via YouTube, changed by Vimi

This is my fifth participation in the ongoing project "BitLanders C-Blogging." In this C-Blog, I would like to share what I have learned about the new BitLanders initiative, Chatbot Assistant powered by Querlo.

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BitLanders offers its members to join the "BitLanders C-blogging," where they can learn more about the ways of innovative blogging. First of all, I have tried to create my own C-Blogs that provide me with the opportunity to get closer to my readers. C-Blogs are useful in my work and online business. Today, I have created my first Chatbot Assistant.

This tool is really attractive to me, together with the useful information provided by the Free Online AI and Robotics Courses, I can use it both for professional purposes and just for fun. In short, a Chatbot Assistant is the virtual version of myself.

To get a general knowledge about this useful tool, have a look at these videos, please.

Credit for the videos: Querlo Team via YouTube

I have created my own Chatbot Assistant powered by Querlo. It is presented below.

Image credit: Screenshot of my Chatbot Assistant

To create your own Chatbot Assistant for free, follow this link, please

I would like to tell you more about my experience of creating and using Chatbot Assistant, as well as my ideas for future work with it. Join the Querlo chat below to read about it. Reply to my words choosing among the given replicas.

Image credit: Screenshot of my Querlo chat

Chatbot Assistant is an innovative way of expressing ourselves, sharing personal information, keeping in touch with clients, setting new connections with others, and having fun! I am sure that you will love using this tool! Good luck in creating your virtual version, your first Chatbot Assistant!

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