Bitlanders Journey (First Time)

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Bitlanders Journey

This is my first time using Bitlander. Looking at its website it's a bit catchy because of it's avatars and the tutorials on how to make blogs and other cool stuff. I am looking forward on working with the big time users here as well as the community.

I started earning money through internet way back 2014. It is through a site that you just need to click ads and stuff (I think you guys know it already). I work hard for that site hoping to get money out of just by clicking, without losing hope. It is Christmas when I got my first payout which is only $7 which is a good amount though. But when I realize that time was wasted doing clicking ads and all. I stopped and searching for another opportunities until I saw someone earning big amount of money just by click faucets not knowing that he's doing it way back 2012 then I ask how to make money just by earning satoshis. He then said "You just need to click this once the duration is up." So, in my mind it's somehow the same as clicking ads. But the information that captures me is that, that time satoshis are expensive and a lot of using it already. The guy said if you started 2011 when satoshis/bitcoins where cheap and you buy those for $5 you are sir a millionaire.

Now that's when I started making money through internet and earning satoshis. But hey I am not rich or what, I regret my decision when I spend a lot and buy a lot of stuff and eat a lot. I should've realized that I should've invested those money and earn more. Well, that's what they say enjoy living while young or YOLO. hahaha

I guess this is the end of my story or blog? I don't know. But hoping to work with you guys and have a great day!

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