Bitlanders New Updates of Querlo and Daily Quests and Buzz Bonus

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Hello fellows, and frieds. how are you?

I am shamchem from France, I hope this site is doing very well, as Toshi told me. 

This is my First blog post to Miss hillary summers, about the double reward topic recently announced by sir micky.


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Sir Micky has announced that we have a new daily quests of blog writing, we can get +3 extra powerups in our buzz account for three days


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Note: Buzz score consist of two type of buzz. One base buzz which we get from rated content, the buzzers we get on our rated content etc. and the power ups are the bonuses we get by shopping something and by completing daily quests.

By Sir Micky we have a new opportunity to get some extra buzz bonus on our content which we submit for review. 


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The blog should about new updates of bitlanders and the Querlo chat bot features and updates.

That's why i am writing this blog.


Now i am elaborating the Querlo Chat bot.


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The Querlo said itself on their website (

Querlo is a patent-pending technology designed to identify, engage, and promote relationships with Brand Ambassadors.

  • A brand management system that can help manage your global campaigns and customer relationships, Querlo provides a unique opportunity to:
  • Capture proprietary insights into the rational and emotional factors that govern customer decision making how, when, and why they engage and disengage from brands,
  • Establish direct partnerships with early brand adopters and advocates as well as the Brand Ambassadors who can drive the uptake and sustained success of global brands,
  • Overcome the challenges of ad-blocker technologies,
  • Recognize and reward customers who define and promote the unique value of a brand,
    Educate customers on the brand's products and services

Watch this video to learn more about querlo, i am still a newbie here, so i am also didn't know very well about these features. Thanks for reading the blog.


Querlo A Chat Bot With a Heart

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The Querlo Chat Survey, in bitlanders.

Querlo, a chatbot with a human touch

Querlo Chat from 

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