BitLanders - Please stop doing this to us!

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I joined FilmAnnex (now BitLanders) because my referral told me that they pay in bitcoin and pay well. I was excited to work on this platform and was about to refer others but then I found out that they first give good Buzzscore but all of a sudden, they drop it for no obvious reasons and that affects the revenue.

Will BitLanders clarify this why they do this every month when they drop the BuzzScore drastically? I want to know the reason - simple and without any complications. I might be inactive, but I am following their guidelines who say to write a couple of blogs per week and blogs must be informative. What is informative to you? I have written informative blogs till now but it is strange that not only mine but others' informative blogs don't get published in Press Annex - I always see a few chosen people who actually are working at a position for BitLanders land in Press Annex. I can name them but if you are reading it, you know who they are. What is so informative in their blog that we don't know? Writing a 5 lines review on some game is called informative blog to you? I have written tips and gave website information for those who want to earn online yet my blogs lay like orphan somewhere and no one pays any heed.

I hope that I might see comments from high-ups in BitLanders to tell me what is wrong - why the buzzscore falls drastically every month? Has it anything to do with their budget? If so, please let us know so that we are ready to cooperate with them in the future and do not get tired of things happening same every month.

I also request to BitLanders that at least give some credit to good blogs written by other people and give place in Press Annex.


Thank you!

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