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I will not start teaching anybody how to work with Bitlanders or how to earn money with Bitlanders site. I think, there are enough older working bloggers who already wrote dozens of blogs about this topic. Now, everybody knows how to use Google Search so can easily find info. I am NEW to Bitlanders. I did not earn any money still, except some small pennies. And this blog I write exactly for the reason to check if it is possible to increase Buzz Score and starting earn more money or it's just a waste of time. 

I am not absolutely new to blogging. There was such site as Bubblews and I guess many Bitlanders members know it. It was great for some time, but then failed and many members felt scammed. Then, there popped up new similar sites which offered money for writing but no any of them had such success as Bubblews. I remember that joined few of them, even was paid a couple of times from one of them, but then the same failure happened as it happened with Bubblews - they were closed and writers felt scammed. After this experience, I thought I will never join any new writing site. I simply did not trust anymore any of online sites offering money for writing. 


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 I will be honest, first time I found Bitlanders a few years ago. I even did not remember in which way I got to know about it but funny thing, I opened it and the first impression was "what the strange site". Avatars looked to me unusual funny and even stupid, and I thought the site is not serious. What the funny children game? - I thought. I did not dig deeper and forgot about this site for long. Once I searched for something online and as a search result got a blog of Bitlanders. I was surprised this "funny site" still exist. But again did not pay much attention to it. 

I must say that no one introduced me to this site, no one asked to join. Accidentally, I again came to this site online. Reading one blog I found an article about Bitlanders. It was an old article praising how good this site is. I got caught reading and clicked the link leading to Bitlanders. No, I did not join immediately. Instead, I went to Google and searched for more review.


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There are a lot of Bitlanders reviews. The good ones, and the bad ones. Most people complain about low rated blogs, about unfair disabled accounts and lost money but also many people praise as a source of steady earnings if you are committed to the site. Those who try to earn some extra money know how it's hard to find a trustworthy legitimate site online. And Bitlanders appeared, operates already many years and still paying its members. Wow!!!

Reading more and more, I got the impression that  Bitlanders is a legitimate site sharing its profit with those who work along the rules and are really devoted to site.

Bad review, good review... How to know who is right? You have to experience it yourself. I simply filled the form of signup. Was surprised that Bitlanders did not ask to verify email, but later I got to know we have to verify our identity. 


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First Impression About Bitlanders

 Now, making my avatar, adjusting face, clothes, I again was surprised why it seemed so funny years ago to me? Today I found it interesting, not funny. You can make your avatar similar to you, face form, hair color, everything you can make as you are in reality. You make yourself as you want and still stay as much anonymous as you want.


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Reading reviews on Google, I already knew that it not worth spending gems for changing avatar and that it's better to use gems for blogging, so I used only free things there. Anyway, I found it interesting but it's not usually as in other social sites. You will not see here real personal photos as avatars, but also will not see annoying pets or famous artists faces. 

In the first day, I struggled a little bit not knowing where and how to start. I followed guidance, but still, it was not easy to start without followers. No one welcomed me, no one said they will be happy to assist me and will help. Simply, no one cared about me as about new member here. I left a message in Global Chat, but no one answered it. 


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I thought I know enough reading reviews, but it appeared I did not. Usually, before joining, I always first of all read FAQ and About. In Bitlanders, I first joined, then searched for official rules and terms. Reading rules, I got to know about identity verification, how to increase Buzz Score and other things Then checked some offered blogs and found interesting useful information. I found a great blog, and it gave me full info how to verify documents with photo examples, so I am thankful for this information, it made this task much easier for me 

What surprised me? 

The most surprised me members who, it looks,  started without reading rules. Those who fulfill their microblogs with useless information, those who write absolute nonsense just to write thinking the more they write the more they will earn. Why is it so hard to read rules and add only quality content? Is it worth to thank twenty persons for a subscription to each separately? What does it give to you? No one will read as the username is not clickable in microblogs. Or is it worth to write "good day" many times per day?  Hello? Are you serious?

Another thing that surprised me and still surprises is a lack of sincere communication. It looks members are not tending to communicate here. They like everything you post and very rare who add a  real sincere comment.

 What I like About Bitlanders 

1. I like that Bitlanders seems really is a site that its members can trust. I saw many proofs of withdrawals in members profiles. Some even were great amounts of money. 

2. I like that our earnings depend not only on the favor of other members. You can increase your Buzz Score adding quality content. Looks like there are some groups already who like only if get like no matter what the content it is. So, the opportunity not completely to depend on other members’ favor looks great for me. You may increase Buzz Score more slowly submitting for review quality content each day.  

3. I like that I do not have to disclose my personality to all community here. Some sites ask to use real name and surname as usernames, but this increases a chance of being hacked. That also looks great to me to stay anonymous as much as I want.

4. I like how the rules are explained here. Everyone, if read them, will understand how Bitlanders works, and it is not complicated at all.

5. The most I like the opportunity to earn extra money. It is a great feeling when your efforts are being paid.  But in my case, I still have to test it. 


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 What I do not Like AboutBitlanders 

Yes, there are things I do not like and think it would be great if it changed with a time. 

1. Starting following other members, I understood that really no one cares here about other members. There are hundreds of microblogs with nonsense and no one care, just liking and even leaving those big funny smiles. My one of the first microblogs was with the question how to verify my identity, and what the surprise it was for me that I got a lot of comments, but only one person communicated with me as normal human being. She wrote one sentence instead of adding those smile pictures. I guess, no one even read my question, they like robots just clicked likes in order to get back likes from me. BITLANDERS HAS A LACK OF HUMANLY SINCERE COMMUNICATION.


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2. I also do not like that new and even not new members looks never read rules. They all time ask for a subscription to their accounts. Many members overload their accounts with meaningless microblogs, thanking for anything every member separately, posting microblogs with one word or even accidentally chosen letters’ mess. Oh dearest members, FIRST OF ALL, READ RULES.

4. I do not like to see inactive members on my home page as offers to subscribe to them. Why would I need those ghosts who were inactive for years?

5. I do not like to read and watch 5 movies and 5 blogs all time of the same members. Every time I click the link to watch 5 movies or to read 5 blogs, I am led to the same old contents of just a few members. Every day the same content is boring. I guess Bitlanders has many new interesting articles and movies to show us instead of those old annoying material.


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I joined Bitlanders, I found it interesting and I will stay to try it. Not paying attention to small issues I do not like here, I still think it is a great site to work with. Also, it has a big storage of information to use. The only question for me is what the topics to choose for writing my blogs. I do not want to start writing just for writing. I think everyone should write about what they know best. I have experience in real estate field as it is my profession; I have some experience in the advertisement, in blogging. I lived three years in Italy and then two years in the UK, I traveled to every corner of those countries. I like exploring and enjoying the world’s cuisines. Yes, it’s not easy to choose what to write about but if I started, I will continue my journey here.

 Stay with me, check my future blogs to find out how I am doing, what the level is my success in. May you will get a wish to join us also. I still believe, every community can be great if you are great yourself. You get what you give to others: be sincere and others will be sincere to you, be helpful and others will help you. earn_extra_money

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 Thank you for stopping by and reading my blog.

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