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On my previous blog "The Easiest Way to Earn Free Bitcoins," I mentioned the best faucet rotator where you can earn free satoshis. I am referring to I’ve earned a lot of satoshis from there. Still, BitLanders is the better way to earn bitcoins because you will have a treasure box where your income for the day is revealed. In addition to the excitement that comes with opening a treasure chest, my daily earnings are way bigger than what I can gather through Although my Bitlanders earnings are not so big and cannot be relied upon as a source of living, they somehow help me buy the things that I need.

My Journey in Bitlanders

I joined BitLanders three months ago; that was on March 2015. I didn't have a referrer because I found this wonderful site all by myself and I didn't register through a referral link. It’s not easy to earn money online, including Bitlanders, but other users say all it takes is commitment.

You just have to log in every day, submit content such as photos, updates, videos and blogs, interact with other users by buzzing and commenting on their posts, and do the daily quests in order to maintain your buzz score. Maintaining a high buzz score is crucial to achieving a good rank and earning a good income. The amazing thing about Bitlanders is that it pays in Bitcoins. In contrast, other social media platforms don't pay their users a cent. 

How to Get Started at BitLanders

For visitors of this site, if you like to join, just click "Start Playing" or create an account through Facebook or Google Mail. Mickey, our tour guide, will guide you every step of the way. The first thing to do is customize your avatar and create your username. After this, you will receive a few gems. Then Mickey will give you a quick tour on how BitLanders works. Afterwards, you will have to post your first microblog, blog, video and photos. You will receive some gems and satoshis after you complete the previous tasks. You can use the gems for purchasing some items in the shop for your avatar and for submitting a blog, a photo gallery and a video for review to earn more buzzes and thus get higher earnings.

He is Francesco Rulli, the founder of BitLanders.

This video provides an introduction to Film Annex, BitLanders' former name.

BitLanders Origin

BitLanders is formerly known as FilmAnnex. It was founded by Bitlanders President Francesco Rulli, an Italian entrepreneur. Most users think of Bitlanders as a social media paying bitcoins, but the president likes to call it a bitcoin company. Beginners normally don't know what is bitcoin. They always ask me what is bitcoin and how to get paid in bitcoins. I told them they have to create a bitcoin wallet where they can send and store their bitcoin. Click here  for more info about BitLanders.

This video explains what is bitcoin.

What Is Bitcoin?

Bitcoin is an electronic money or currency with multifarious uses. It exists as a decentralized currency with no corporation or government controlling it. Bitcoins are produced electronically and used electronically. They are not printed like paper money, so you can only see them as numbers on your computer or in your online wallet.

As said in the previous paragraph, bitcoin has myriad uses. Although it has no intrinsic value like gold or silver, bitcoin offers convenience and versatility that gold and silver can't replicate. This is where value in bitcoin exists. You can use bitcoin to buy anything you like, such as a house, a car, a yacht, an airline ticket, online goods, or even a piece of candy. All these are possible at a standard, negligible transaction cost.

This video gives a brief explanation on how to use bitcoin.

Dorian S. Nakamoto denied allegations pointing him as the bitcoin inventor.

The Person behind Bitcoin

Bitcoin is an innovative technology invented in 2009 by someone with the alias Satoshi Nakamoto. Until now his identity is still a mystery despite various efforts made to bring his true personality into the light. Rumor has it that this name is actually a combination of Japanese terms with cool meanings. Another hearsay is that the name is a combination of the following Japanese electronic corporations: Samsung, Toshiba, Nakamichi and Motorola.

The above ideas are all but speculations, and no one really knows the truth regarding the person behind bitcoin. This technology has become a worldwide hit and has the potential to become bigger than the Internet, but who started it is greatly unknown to this day. Anyway, whoever he is does not matter that much compared to the revolutionary technology he brought to the world.

This is the video of "Top 10 Bitcoin Facts about Bitcoin."

Okay, enough. Now you know more about bitcoin. Let's continue on our topic on how to join BitLanders.

Step 1: Choose your appearance the way you like.




 Step 2: Select your cool nickname.

Read this brief introduction.

Have a quick tour to the shop.

In Bitfashionista you can buy cool stuff for your avatar.

In BitCharities you can donate to help other people and to earn +buzzes.

In BitGoodies, you can choose what amount of payment you like by using your verified PayPal account or your bitcoin wallet. Sign up in or Xapo to create your bitcoin wallet where you can send your payment.


For more information, just click the gear and find the FAQs.


Then create your first microblog.

Always remember, no SPAM!


You will receive gems after you complete your task on making your first microblog,  video, blog and uploading photo gallery.

This is one of the daily quests to view 5 videos. Once done, you will receive +3 Buzzes.

+1 Buzz by sharing video on Facebook

+1 Buzz by reading 5 blogs. A total of +5Buzz.

These +buzzes will be your direct power ups and will be added to your base buzz. Adding your direct powerups to your base buzz equals your buzz score. By logging in every day, you will gain +7 buzzes.

To get more buzz bonuses, submit you content for review. For more info, read here.

Before, my earnings were just a little, until I submitted blogs. The following screenshots are some of my earnings.

May 28 earnings.

 May 29 earnings.

May 30 earnings.


I'm so happy for being Rank 2 for the first time on March 30. I hope you enjoyed reading my blog. Until next time. :)

P.S: I would be so happy if you register on BitLanders through my referral link. Click here. Thanks!


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