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bitLanders looks at the World Wide Web ecosystem from the user and consumer perspective.



BuzzScore + Bitcoin to Empower Users as Influencers


At bitLanders, we see our users as influencers who understand that their data, content and promotions are of great value for media companies, brands and publishers.


This is why we created the BuzzScore to rate the quality of the users' work and their influence, and to reward them with Bitcoin payments to equalize the financial system.


The gamified task base system simplifies and streamlines habits and relationship between influencers and their peers.





Avatars for Users to Become Digital Citizens


We introduced avatars and nicknames to protect the identity and privacy of our influencers and users.


We educate and motivate them to be good and reliable digital citizens, influence positive self expression and become goodwill brand ambassadors, especially for teens.







Gift Cards for Users to Become Brand Ambassadors

We introduced electronic gift cards to define correlations and data between the branded message and the brand sales.



The Results:


  • bitLanders is a network of 350,000 influencers, with an extended database of 125 million friends and fans.
  • bitLanders grows of over 1,000 new registered users per day and gathers over 250,000 people data per day
  • the average time on per user is over 15 minutes with a bounce rate below 1%.


bitLanders, the platform for Native Ads and Brand Promotion

We believe that bitLanders is the ideal platform to:

  • test and promote Native Advertising content,
  • test Avatar, Emoticon and other Gaming/Task based promotions,
  • connect the performance of products or services associated to the branded message itself to electronic sales.


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bitLanders is a digital platform whose entire user base earns bitcoin for their content and social activity. The goal of bitLanders is to promote worldwide access to the genius of Blockchain technology in a fun, unique, and safe environment. bitLanders users build and engage content (videos, blogs, photos, advertisements). The…

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